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Keukenhof Castle front yard

Visit Kasteel Keukenhof and the secret garden in Lisse

Did Keukenhof ring a bell? Pretty sure you’re thinking of the vast tulip field in Lisse which only opens during the Spring season but it’s not what this post is all about. Unfortunately, I was too late to catch this flower show during my visit last August. This, however, did not stop me and my boyfriend to travel all the way to Lisse to see what remains of this spectacular garden which eventually led us to a different secret garden in the heart of Kasteel Keukenhof.

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Travel to Aloguinsan, Cebu

My Aloguinsan-Pinamungajan spontaneous escapade

Based on my record, it’s not all the time that I trust myself on spontaneous decisions most especially when travelling. I’m not born with the inner compass in me. I suck at geography and I don’t have a sense of direction. And for the record, I’d like to blog about my Aloguinsan-Pinamungajan escapade. For once, I attended into my spontaneous self.

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Dear Diary: Here are the 7 things I picked up from a spontaneous escapade.

So just a few days back, Jee, a dear friend of mine, invited me on an out-of-town spontaneous escapade. Thrilled of this spontaneous idea, I decided to go with him. I also tagged along my PIC (partner-in-crime) so he can meet these awesome buddies that I have. We did not discuss any further details of the escapade (estimated budget, itinerary, food preparation, etc). That night, I just packed my things: my rashguard, spare underwear, towel and some vanity kits that I tend to bring along with me anywhere I go. I even squeezed the remaining money I have left from the sideline job I had. And on the following day, we geared ourselves up for the long day ahead.

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