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mis- +‎ meeting, coined by Martin Buber.
A situation where a person fails to interact properly with another.

One day a girl, an adventure and a misadventure crossed their paths. And you wouldn’t believe what these three could possibly do. Thus the blog name, Ms. Meeting Adventures.

Strolling around Amsterdam on a winter

Hi! I’m Eloise, a 20-something Software Engineer from the Philippines. I always want to travel, explore places,  experience different cultures and chase my dreams. If given the chance, I would love to travel full time. Aside from that, I also love to dance and sing. People say that I have a resting bitch face (which I won’t deny) but I’m actually the silly and crazy type once you get to know me.

When did I start to blog?

While I was still in highschool, I already owned a couple of blogs but those were all personal blogs– like an online journal. I didn’t like the idea of posting everything about my private life in public so I decided to stop. In college, I had a really interesting experience on one of my travels  — actually it was an out of town with my friends — and that’s when I decided that I should start blogging these experiences again. It was quite an unpleasant experience thus my name, Msmeetingadventures— a wordplay that could mean a Ms. meeting series of adventures or mismeeting adventures.

What is my blog niche?

As of now, I am writing about my travels and out of town activities but sooner or later I want to do a lifestyle blog.

Contact me:

You can send me an email at msmeetingadventures@gmail.com or you can follow me on my social media accounts.


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