You might want to try this Kalanggaman Island to Malapascua getaway

Summer is here! Bet this is your favorite season too, right? Well, in the Philippines we only enjoy the rainy and the dry season so now that April is here, isn’t it the best time to kickstart our Summer plans? Yes? Great! So what are you waiting for? Grab those brand new swimsuits, forget those hopeless flabs, and keep the summer vibes boiling as we start with this getaway experience from Kalanggaman Island to Malapascua.

Last March, I started my month with an out of town escapade with my college friends from Kalanggaman Island to Malapascua. This back to back island getaway is how you spell “TROPICAL”. You’ll literally find yourself in the middle of the sea— away from the fast-paced life in the city. Located in the Northern part of Cebu, these two islands are just a few of the many gems in Cebu.

Of course, this trip would not be possible without the superb planning of the “Troey” couple. (My college friend, Mary Joey, and her boyfriend, Troy) So shoutout to this couple for a job well done. Wohoooo!

Kalanggaman Island

Summer Escapade at Kalanggaman Island

So our first stop was Kalanggaman Island. From the “bangka”, we were dropped at the entrance of the island. The white sand served as our red carpet as we walked towards our cottage.

It was not my first time to be in Kalanggaman Island. My first visit there was not a very pleasant experience and without a doubt was added to my misadventure bucket. It was a long story and I don’t really want to start recalling what happened. If you want to know what happened, you can just read an old post here:

Disclaimer: It’s gonna be a long read so enter at your own risk. HAHA!

Wave after wave: Kalanggaman Island getaway

Waving the waves goodbye: getting home from Kalanggaman Island Getaway

So as I have said, this was already my second time in Kalanggaman Island and contrary to my first experience, the weather was oh-so-fine that time. No angry waves! The picturesque sandbar greeted us as it glimmered against the sun and people were clearly enjoying their time at the beach.

A small cottage for rent while in Kalanggaman Island

This was our cottage. I know it looks so messy. People at this time were busy taking their own pictures all over the place. Some were preparing our lunch too.

Sailing boats waiting along the seashore

These are “bangkas” waiting for their passengers.


What to expect in Kalanggaman Island?

  1. People usually go there for day trips only. Otherwise, they have to rent a small place to stay for the night or bring their own tents. Cottages are available for day use and you better be wise in picking the right cottage for you!

Pro tip: Choose the spot adjacent to the grilling area and toilet. You’ll get it if you’re lazy af.  

2. There are toilets and washrooms on the island. Water for flushing is not a problem because duh! they never run out of seawater. But for washing up, I think they’re selling fresh water. I’m not sure how much they cost because I didn’t wash up. Oops! (Girl, you nasty) But hey, our day was not over yet.

Pro tip: You can find the barrel of water outside the toilet so before you “sit on your throne” be sure that you had fetched water already. HAHA!

3. A beach getaway will never be complete without grilling your favorite chicken meat, pork chop or fish. There are grilling areas on the island where you can also make use of their (obviously) grills. I’ve never been in this part of the island because I don’t cook. Sorry, I’m only good in eating.

4. There are people selling refreshments in Kalanggaman island like ice cream and coconut juice. I’m not sure if there was someone selling a drinking water because we brought our own drinking water.

5. Clean as you go. This is the most important part. I don’t think I still have to elaborate this. We all know the consequences… sooner or later.

6. Okay! I know I said that #5 was the most important part but this one is also as important as the previous one.

STAY SAFE. Listen to your guide since they will be instructing you which part is safe to swim. The water at the entrance of the island was surely tempting because it’s usually the less crowded part but the crowd’s avoiding it for a reason, right? YES. Our guide told us not to swim in that area because of the strong water current.

Malapascua Island

Touchdown Malapascua

Touchdown Malapascua

I have never been to Malapascua Island and I’m happy that it did not disappoint me. From Kalanggaman, we hopped in our “bangka” and sailed all the way to Malapascua. The trip from Kalanggaman Island to Malapascua seems like forever because we were all tired. I was really excited to see what this island looks like because I have heard a lot of good things about it. Being one of the popular diving spots in Cebu, Malapascua bleeds dollars because of the number of foreigners coming in all year long. But there are also cheap finds in this island– the perfect remedy for budget travelers like me.

Club Montenova in Malapascua

Our group stayed in this budget resort in Malapascua. It’s quite far from the seaside and the nightlife but at least we saved a couple of bucks.

We all stayed in a dorm-type room which has a private bathroom inside. The owner was so kind that she gave us two separate dorm-type rooms so we were not crowded in each room. All of us slept on the lower bunk and thank god because I really don’t want to sleep on the upper bunk. We were well accommodated. There was also a tennis court and a billiard table.

What to expect in Malapascua Island?

1. Foreigners… foreigners everywhere. So if you’re planning to socialize in the evening, be sure to prepare an English dictionary so you will not be limited to “Hi, Hello, and How are you?”. HAHA!

2. If you’ll be staying in Montenova, better rent a bike or a motorcycle if you don’t want to walk a lot. The place is really far from “civilization” that you’ll miss out the good parties on the island if you’re a lazy bum.

3. If you’re up for an adventure or you just want to kill some time, I suggest exploring the island from end to end on a motorcycle. If you’re up for more challenge, then go by foot. hehe.

Malapascua Island

Wave after wave in Langub Beach

We went to Langub Beach the next day and we were greeted by the strong wind and large waves. It was scary yet so inviting.

A kid playing with the strong waves in Malapascua

Even kids were enjoying the angry waves

Surfing in Malapascua Island

You can also enjoy the large waves with your surfing board.

I’m so proud of my shot above. I was waiting for minutes to get this shot and I’m happy I made it. If you also like it, please pin it for others to see. 

So there you have it our Kalanggaman Island to Malapascua summer getaway. It was one of the perfect weekend getaways if you just want a quick refreshing dip in the island.

Planning to organize your own summer escapade from Kalaggaman Island to Malapascua?

I understand the hassle and stress of organizing an “out of town” adventure most especially when traveling with a group. So to help you (even just a bit), here are some resources to help you organize your own Kalanggaman Island to Malapascua adventure:


Kalanggaman Island Tipi House

Montenova Dive Resort Private Room

Montenova Dive Resort Dormitory

Travel Guides

Here are some helpful guides by awesome travel bloggers

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Malapascua Island Travel Guide by OutOfTownBlog

Tell me how it goes by leaving a comment down below.

Kalanggaman Island to Malapascua

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  1. Hi Ms. Adventure, such a nice blog you have there for both Kalanggaman and Malapascua, Can I ask have you rented the boat going from Malapascua to Kalanggaman? How much for that? thanks. me and my gf plan to do it the same way.

  2. Hi! We are planning to go to Kalanggaman on June for a day tour and afterwards proceed to Malapascua island for an overnight stay. Did you rent a private boat going kalanggaman to malapascua and back to palompon? Thank you!