Six reasons why Netherlands should be ticked-off from your bucket list right now

Dutch windmill

Netherlands is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. Regardless if you’re up for a week-long excursion in Copenhagen and Germany, or you’re in the middle of your Eurotrip, a side trip to the Netherlands is always a must in your itinerary. Who would dare to skip sight-seeing rows of beautiful tulips, cruising the long rivers, and enjoying an afternoon with freshly made stroopwafels? I’m not sure about you but skipping these off my list is unforgivable. Aside from that, there’s definitely more to this kingdom than these wonderful travel gems.


Experience blending in a diverse society

Although the Dutch tradition remains intact through the years, we cannot also deny the multiculturalism in The Netherlands. Every year, people from different parts of the globe travel to the Netherlands for leisure or to look for a greener pasture– just imagine cities like Groningen and Utrecht where the education and job opportunities are high. One can easily find other Europeans like Italians, Spaniards, Bulgarians and Germans blending in the Dutch society.  Americans, Turks and even people from the opposite side of the globe like South Koreans, Australians and Filipinos are also noticeable along the streets of the Netherlands.

Do you also know that this is one of the countries where people speak the most language? Yes! In average, each person in The Netherlands speaks 2.7 languages and English is one of them. So what is language barrier then?


Dutch market

Fill yourself with the wide range of food choices

Due to the multiculturalism, it is impossible not to find a store or a restaurant that suits your taste. Are you Italian? There are a lot of good pizzerias in Netherlands where you can already buy a whole box of pizza for 4 €. But if you want to treat yourself generously, you can also try an “out of this world” pizza for 20 €. If you’re Asian, you can grab a plate of satay for around 11.00 to 17.00 €. All these taste so good that you will never feel homesick. If you’re a sweet tooth, you can pay a visit to Den Bosch and buy their local pastry, bossche bol, at Jan de Groot for an awesome treat. Depending on the size, these chocolate balls cost around 2 to 5 €.

Food preference aside, you can basically get a good meal at a restaurant for 15.00 € and a combo meal in McDonalds for 7.00 €.

Travel hassle-free with the established transportation system

Actually, the same thing goes for the entire European nation which means that if you plan to explore The Netherlands– short-term or long-term– moving within the country is just smooth and easy. Trains are the most popular mode of transportation if you want to travel one city from the other while trams are usually for “within the city” trips. Uber and taxis are also on the list too but they have the reputation of breaking your bank. If you want to save tons of cash for your train rides, group train tickets are your holy grail. Want some tips from a local? You can actually save up more than half of the original cost of the ticket if you travel with a group. But of course, if you want to save yourself from the hassle of joining groups, a monthly transportation pass in The Netherlands costs around 75 €.

bike stand in Netherlands

Find yourself pedaling with a group of bikers

Some people believe that there are more bikes in The Netherlands than the real human population. Well in average, every person in this country owns one to two bikes so I guess it’s safe to say so. This makes traveling in The Netherlands more fun. You don’t only get to save money from trams and buses but you also save yourself from the gym expenses. Bikers are also given priority here. They have their own bike lanes so you don’t have to worry getting hit by fast running buses– unless you go out of your lane.

Going solo is made easier

Comprehensible street signs are everywhere so if ever you find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere, you can easily find your way back. You just have to look for signs and follow them. Not sure which bus to take and where to stop? You can ask the bus drivers for directions and probably ask them to let know you if you’re in your stop already. People are very friendly and they always help if you have any questions.


a glass of Heineken

Social life is rich

Clubs and Bars are almost everywhere. What could be more fun than spending your Friday nights drinking beer the Dutch way? Home of the famous Heineken and Grolsch, you can grab a pint of beer for 4 €. If you’re lucky, you can get a beer for 1.20 €. You can also spend your afternoon at the coffee shops where you don’t go there for a cup of “coffee” but for a pot session with friends– or a group of strangers if you prefer. Marijuana is legal in Netherlands and you can easily find them in “coffee shops”.

Festivals in The Netherlands are a big thing so celebrating a holiday in this country is also a must-try. The King’s Day which is celebrated every April is a national holiday and you will most probably find yourself watching the Royal family parade to celebrate the King’s birthday. During this time, Dutch are usually dressed in orange, which is the national color of Netherlands. Another festival is the Oeteldonk and this is celebrated in Den Bosch. During this time, Den Bosch changes its name to Oeteldonk until the festival is over. People are usually dressed in fun costumes for this festivity. Red-white-yellow flags are usually seen hanging at this time.


Netherlands is for everyone

Netherlands is indeed a beautiful country filled with lots of surprises for everyone. The diversity of the nation makes it perfect for those who want to discover a brand new experience. Students or tourists, everyone can surely enjoy their stay. It gives you a worthwhile experience to tell your friends and family.

Netherlands is a must-see country in every Eurotrip. One of the top tourist destinations in this beautiful country is its capital city, Amsterdam which was even more popularized by the movie “The Fault in Our Stars”. However, what some travelers don’t know is that there’s more to this country outside the borders of Amsterdam.

It is not only a country with beautiful tulips growing every spring but it is also a place where people from different cultures converge. Because of this, the country is known to have a rich social life and diverse food choices. Biking around the town is also very popular which makes a great exercise.  Young and old, you can see people pedaling on their two-wheels. Netherlands is definitely a place for everyone.

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  1. We spent a month travelling in Holland in 2003 and thoroughly enjoyed it. We’re keen cyclists, so for us, the highlight was the amazing network of cycle routes, all with own their directional signs. And of course the high quality and choice of food at the end of a long cycle ride!

  2. Great post! I went to The Netherlands a few years ago for my husband’s business trip. It was never on my “to visit” list but after visiting, it is by far one of my favorite European countries. We visited Amsterdam and several small towns and they were all so beautiful, welcoming and full of culture.

  3. I actually hope to get back to Amsterdam this year. It’s on my “travel list for 2018”. It’s the only place in Netherlands that I have visited so far, about 8 years ago, but unfortunately all the time we spent there the weather was really bad so it’s was not the greatest experience overall.
    I’m hoping next time we will get some rays of sun.

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