Osmeña Peak and Kawasan Falls: a South Cebu combo trip

South Cebu Trip 2017

If you’re someone who has been to Cebu or proudly from Cebu, I’m pretty sure you already ticked off Osmeña Peak and Kawasan Falls in your list. I guess I am an exception though because even though I was born and raised in Cebu I have never been to these spots until recently. Located in South Cebu, these two usually go together in every trips whether you’re a mountaineer or a mere tourist who wants to explore the highest point of Cebu and down to the enchanting waters of Kawasan Falls. If you’re planning on a Cebu adventure, you might want to add these two in your itinerary.


Disclaimer:  We went there last August 23, 2017. The prices that I’m about to mention were not haggled. It’s a shame since I’m not used to haggling. I will try to do it next time, though. HAHA!


Starting Point: Cebu South Bus Terminal

So we left our unit past 4:00 in the morning and headed to Cebu South Bus Terminal via Grab Car. It was a quick ride since the streets are usually empty at this hour. When we arrived at the terminal, we were able to get on the bus immediately. We planned to do this trip on a weekday so that the terminals will not be crowded with commuters. Weekday = No queue! (Except on a holiday though)

Cebu South Bus Terminal

We managed to find a good spot

4:30 AM – We boarded the Bato-Oslob bus and asked the bus conductor to drop us at Dalaguete junction. I honestly don’t have an idea where we have to stop and because of that, I was kinda restless during the trip. Turned out that I was worrying for no reason at all since there’s usually a lot of passengers stopping there too! But if you still want peace of mind…


Keep your guard once you reach Dalaguete. At the right side of the road, look out for a 7-eleven convenience store. There are motorcycles for hire and a big tarpaulin with motorcycle rates in the street close to it. That’s when you’ll know that you are at the right stop.

How much is the fare? ₱ 120.00 per head for the bus

6:30 AM – We reached the junction and were on our way to Mantalongon via a motorcycle. You will find how much you have to pay at the tarpaulin near the parked motorcycles. Without it, I would have thought that the drivers are overpricing since it’s quite expensive.


Osmeña Peak (Mantalongon, Dalaguete)

How much is the fare? ₱ 100.00 per head to the peak’s jump off

7:00 AM – We reached the drop off for Osmeña Peak. From there, we had to climb uphill for 5 minutes to get to the registration area.

How much does it cost?

Environmental fee costs ₱ 30.00 per head and a tour guide costs ₱ 150.00 for both us.

Our tour guide was very accommodating and I enjoyed talking with her during the trek. We were speaking in Bisaya so Dimitar was not able to join our conversation. She also offered to carry my bag but my “adventurer-wannabe” self  thought that my adventure is not worthwhile if I don’t carry a heavy bag. HAHA!

Osmena Peak trek

We were both catching our breaths. #help #water please

Lesson learned: Don’t underestimate even a 30-minute trek! 

trekking to osmena peak

Wonderful view from the peak. From the top, you can see the neighboring islands of Cebu, the shoreline of Moalboal and the tiny Pescador Island. It would have been nice to camp here. The tour guide also said that there are small houses for rent for those who want to stay overnight. (really..really..really)

When is the perfect time to go?

The place is popular among tourists visiting Cebu so if you want to get nice pictures, avoid visiting the place during summer (March-May in the Philippines) or long weekends. I would say that a weekday (unless a holiday) is the nice time to go.

Osmena Peak with love

Fantastic view from the top. It was worth the hike.

Surprisingly, our tour guide was good at taking pictures. WOHOOO!!! In return, we gave her ₱200.00 by the end of the trek.

We only stayed for 30 minutes at the peak because Dimitar and I were both sweaty and hungry already. We thought that relaxing at Kawasan Falls was a good idea so we continued our journey. My butt hurts because of the long motorcycle ride. I think it took almost 2 hours before we reached the jump off for Kawasan Falls.


Kawasan Falls (Badian)

How much is the fare? ₱ 450.00 per head to Kawasan Falls


When we reached the drop-off point, the driver referred us to a guide who took us to the falls. We also paid the entrance fee:

How much does it cost? ₱ 20.00 (Locals), ₱ 40.00 (Foreigners)

WOW! Foreigners pay double for the entrance fee! Hmm..

10:00 AM – We reached the waterfalls and the first plan was to eat. Since we packed some sandwiches that Dimitar prepared, we decided to eat it to save money. But as a rice-eater, I knew that I will not survive the day with sandwich alone so we ended up ordering a rice meal. HAHA!


Kawasan Falls

Tempting view of the falls

When is the perfect time to go?

TBH IDK. Even on a weekday, the place was crowded. I guess Kawasan Falls is very busy most of the time because it is the last stop for the canyoneering activity which a lot of tourists are also interested in.

We were hesitating to the try rafting because it is freaking expensive but hey! We got a nice massage from the falls afterward.

Kawasan Falls back massage

Kawasan Falls back massage

That was it, folks! The ultimate South Cebu Combo trip. I didn’t expect that we will spend this much for our trip but it was such a memorable experience for both of us. The waterfalls massage was our favorite part, how about you? 

So.. how much did we spend all in all?

₱ 120.00 – South Bus Terminal to Dalaguete

₱ 100.00 – Bus stop to Osmena Peak

₱   30.00 – Environmental Fee

₱ 450.00 – Osmena Peak to Kawasan Falls

₱   20.00 – entrance fee (local)

₱   40.00 – entrance fee (foreigner)


₱  20.00 – shower

₱  10.00 – toilet

₱ 160.00 – bus to South Bus Terminal


₱ 950.00 (per head)


₱ 200.00 – Osmena Peak tour guide

₱ 300.00 – Kawasan Falls table and chair

₱ 300.00 – Kawasan Falls raft rental

₱ 300.00 – Kawasan Falls raft guide

₱ 150.00 – Kawasan Falls tour guide


₱ 1250.00 (2 pax already)

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