First-timer at Mt. Kan-Irag and my budget-friendly weekend escape..

Looking at the beautiful Kan-Irag

“If traveling was free, you’d never see me again”

You might have heard this a hundred times already but this is definitely one of the greatest desires of travel junkies like me. Until now, I’m still waiting for that day when I don’t have to pay for airfare or even bus tickets going anywhere. You see, the problem here is that these expenses are often a bummer. Not if you’re lucky enough, you might stumble upon a good promo in just one sitting. But even so, there are still other expenses that you have to take care of- like accommodation and food. In my case, these have become a hindrance because I frequently want to travel or go outdoors to distress and to simply fulfill my wanderlust. Whenever I don’t, I feel frustrated at life. Surprisingly, I was relieved by this burden when I trekked Mt. Kan-Irag. I never thought that I can wanderlust even without spending a lot over the weekend.


Neighbor to the famous Sirao Flower Farm, I didn’t expect that the jump off area for Mt. Kan-Irag will take me to a place which will change my appetite for adventures.

Yoga and nature at Mt. Kan-Irag


I’m quite ashamed to admit that I’m not really a fan of trekking. Well, at least I WAS not a fan of trekking. I’m not that attracted to mountains and slopes but I’ve seen a few of my friends who really enjoy trekking and I can’t help but to get curious. I had my first trekking at Echo Valley where we went down to the Underground River and back to the top. My second time was our trek to Bomod-Ok Falls under the scorching heat of the sun. If not with our Sagada Adventure, I don’t know when I’ll have the time to trek. What I’m saying is, I’m not really a trekker but I think I’m starting to love the mountains.

1. Pre-trek

Meetup place: JY Square Mall

I’m glad we took the easiest trail to Mt. Kan-Irag. 

If you want an extra challenge, you can take the Budlaan Trail which I believe is a 5-hour trek before you reach the peak. I cannot give further details about it in this post because I have not tried it myself. Perhaps in another post? 

How to get to the jump-off site:

From JY Square, you can ride a motorcycle/ “habal-habal” to take you to the jump-off area. During that time (December 11, 2016), the motorcycle drivers told us that the fare costs 150 pesos. We tried to negotiate but to no avail. We were lucky because we found a jeep from JY who agreed to take us to the jump-off site for 100 pesos.

2. The Trek

The trail was slippery when we went there so we were extra-cautious while we trekked. I was 90% conscious of my shoes because I was not wearing trekking shoes that time and I don’t know what to do if my shoe gives up. Anyway, it only took us around 30 minutes to get to the peak. I was kinda running out of breaths because it was an uphill climb.


My newly-found friends (and Instagram famous too!) had a photo shoot first before we ate our lunch. Later on, we went downhill towards the shoulder of the peak (If I remember Jumz’s words correctly).

Journey to the peak’s shoulder

The journey to the shoulder took longer than I expected. Even so, I was just so amazed to be surrounded by these beauties. We passed through tall grasses, slippery slopes and narrow tracks. I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland because of the grasses that were almost as tall as I am. My knees were really shaking, my body was dead tired and my curses were flying everywhere but I was determined to move forward. The sun was giving us a hard time that I wished we’ll pass by a body of water where I can take a quick dip to freshen up. Sadly, wish was not granted but I didn’t really mind.

Shoulder of Mt. Kan-Irag

I was glad when we reached the shoulder. It gives you a good view of the city which I bet looks prettier at night. You can also find a bunch of flowers– a nice props to an Instagram worthy shot. 🙂

Chilling with the nature at Mt. Kan-Irag

While others were busy with their photoshoot, I just want to embrace the peaceful ambiance and inhale the fresh air. We settled there for a long while before we called it a day.

Tall grasses at Mt. Kan-Irag

We passed through the tall grasses again but this time, uphill we went! Although we exerted more effort than the descent, I find uphill trails easier.


Picture perfect Kan-Irag


Walking towards the jump off area leading to Mt. Kan-Irag

Time to go home. Took a few more steps back to the jump-off area.

3. Post-Trek

It was a short but sweet encounter with Mt. Kan-Irag that’s why I want to come back for more. I’ll probably try the Budlaan Trail next time and camp overnight.

To wrap it all up, I’m happy that I found a new way to fulfill my wanderlust desires. The mountains are not that boring afterall.

Expenses:       Mt.Kan-Irag_expenses


4 out of 7 photos used in this post are taken by my friend, Jumz Chino. You can check out his amazing shots in his instagram account: @jumzchino.


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