Waving the waves goodbye: getting home from Kalanggaman Island Getaway

Bisan asa basta maka-naog lang mi.

At that time, we just wanted to get off the yacht and keep our feet on steady ground. With enough convincing, the yacht owner allowed the 6 of us to dock in the nearest island. If my memory served me right, it was already 5 o’clock in the afternoon and the sun is setting. Again, we have to be transferred to a fishing boat to reach the shore.


It was not easy to convince a fisherman to take us to the shore even after bribing them. Manong fisherman, the one who agreed to take us to the island, initially reasoned out that he couldn’t take us because his fishing boat is small. He also added that if he stops fishing, he won’t be able to catch enough fish to sell. In the end, he agreed to take us one by one and we’ll pay him for the fare in return. He was able to go back and forth the island 3 times. Some of the passengers who stayed in the yacht were already complaining because we caused too much hassle for everyone. I felt a bit guilty because we slowed down their trip but I just thought that it was our only chance to secure our safety so we just have to grab it.

It was already dark when manong fisherman finished unloading us from the yacht. We paid him 300 pesos for his help and I was surprised that he was already very happy with that amount. I was expecting that he’ll ask for more. According to him, it was already a lot of money and a big help to him. He sailed away with a big smile. I was deeply touched. For me, that amount was just a petty amount but I didn’t realize that it’s already a big help for some people most especially those who are really breaking their bones to feed their family.

Moving on, we waved the waves goodbye as we were set for another adventure. This time, there were only 6 of us and we initially didn’t have an idea where we were. We just found out that we were in Tabogon, Cebu.

Side Note: Looked it up in Google Map and I found out that we were somewhere in Bitoon Dako/ Bitoon Gamay in Maslog, Tabogon.

Kalanggaman Island Escapade: Bunzies Cove

Lucky for us, we happened to be disembarked into Bunzie’s Cove so we were able to get help from their security guard. He showed us the way out and gave us instructions on how to get to the city. It was raining hard and it’s already night time. Again, we were relieved that we got off the yacht before the heavy rain poured because we wouldn’t want to feel helpless in the middle of the ocean. However, due to the heavy rain, there was an electricity outage so it was really dark. There was also no signal on our mobile devices. We were again very lucky because we bumped into this kind-hearted family who opened their doors for us. I was again touched because I didn’t expect them to be so accommodating. In the first place, we were all strangers to them. The manang even waited for the 10pm bus with us.


Our dinner for that evening.

So after eating the “take-out” food from the yacht, we patiently waited for the bus that will take us to the highway. According to the locals, Ceres buses via Cebu will depart at 2 am. However, there’s this so-called “Ungo” trip which will depart at 10 pm. This trip is initially intended for delivering harvested crops to the city but it also picks up those who want to ride along. We have to make sure that we wouldn’t miss the 10 pm trip because our next card will be at 2 am.

We were already sleepy and tired. Past 10 pm, we boarded the bus. We were sitting next to the sacks of crops and the ride was not very comfortable but despite that, I felt happy and excited to go home. We were informed that once we get on the highway, there’ll be a lot of buses that can take us to the city. It was an hour ride from Maslog Provincial Road before we finally reached the highway.

Kalanggaman Island Escapade: Damolog Map

We unloaded the bus at Damolog, Sogod, asked a local what time the Ceres buses will pass by and got our hopes broken. As we watched the “ungo” bus go, we felt like we lost our last chance to go home when we found out that the Ceres buses will depart at 2 am. If only we knew, we could have endured the uncomfortable bus ride with the crops.

We were already feeling helpless because there were really no buses traveling to Cebu City at that time. The street was also silent with minimal vehicles passing by. Even the stores are already closed. At that time, we thought it would really help if we could hitch a ride to Compostela or Danao. There was one muticab who didn’t even bother to glance at us when we tried to call for help. A few seconds later, there was one who agreed to give us a ride to Danao and we only have to pay for the gasoline. That time we wouldn’t consider ourselves lucky but blessed. A few minutes back, we were praying for a ride and God did not let us down. He knew how desperate we were and so He granted us our prayers immediately. He is indeed a merciful God. With that, I knew that everyone felt very blessed at that time. It was one of the most precious moments in our adventure. Time check! It was already almost 12 midnight and we knew that our adventure is about to end.

It was a very exhausting one. We endured a lot of breath-taking moments and in return, we picked up life lessons along the way. It was not the adventure that I expected but it was more than enough. Because of this experience, I am now excited to set my next adventure and fall in love with the moment and the lessons.

Til the next adventure!

Note: We found out that the yacht arrived in Cebu Yacht Club at around 12 midnight too! Oh the horror of sailing in the dark. I’m glad that we really took the land trip. Moreover, I am thankful that all of us went home safe. 



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