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Travel to Toledo, Cebu

49km away: Southtripping to Toledo’s Hinulawan Festival

I went on a 3-day vacation in Toledo last week in time for its Hinulawan Festival. I’ve never been in Toledo for so long and I was excited while I was packing up my things for another adventure. I went there with my colleagues and stayed in Sheen’s place for the rest of the vacation. Having four of my colleagues living in Toledo City is an advantage for this trip because our foods and accommodation is already guaranteed. Our transportation expenses were not shouldered though but that’s fairly fine for everybody.

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Temple of Leah pillars

I didn’t know Greece is just around the corner.

Greece is one of the countries that I want to visit because I have always been a fan of its architecture most especially during the 8th-6th century BC. In order to achieve the goal, I need to fly 9,939 kilometers from home and wait until I can officially fund myself. But before I knew it, Greece is just an hour drive from my city and it is just right around the corner.

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