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Beautiful Camotes sunset

Finding Camotes

I was hesitant at first whether to join this Camotes trip or not. After a little push from my teammates, I decided to go although I am still not fully convinced to go.
Wall Climbing at Metrosports Lahug

Wall Climbing experience in Metrosports Lahug

A few weeks ago, I went wall climbing in Metrosports, Lahug together with two of my officemates. Since it is just a walking distance from our office, we decided to just take a walk. The weather was not very cooperative for several days and in fact it did shower when we hiked to our destination. The rain didn't stop us though.
Bowling at SM Cebu

One fine bowling date in SM City Cebu

So for our first monthsary, we had bowling with friends in Ayala Bowling Center. It was not my first bowling experience since I had bowling in my PE class in college. Contrary to my first bowling experience, I get to choose the weight of the ball this time.
Life at NCR Cebu Development Center

Dear Diary: The iNCRedible things of my corporate life

Just a quick update, I am now working! Yey! Corporate life is very different from college life. It's a fresh start and I'm happy where I am right now. There may have been tough times in adjusting but this too shall pass. Speaking of corporate life, I never knew I'll be able to try so many things in just a span of two months.
Travel to Aloguinsan, Cebu

My Aloguinsan-Pinamungajan spontaneous escapade

Based on my record, it's not all the time that I trust myself on spontaneous decisions most especially when travelling. I'm not born with the inner compass in me. I suck at geography and I don't have a sense of direction. And for the record, I'd like to blog about my Aloguinsan-Pinamungajan escapade. For once, I attended into my spontaneous self.
Travel to Hermits Cove, Cebu

A visit to the hermit’s cove

To end my three-day Toledo escapade, our last activity to tick off from our checklist is a day at the Hermit's Cove. I first thought that this place might be a "hermit crabs sanctuary" because what else could its name come from? It's a beach.
Travel to Spring Park Mountain Resort, Toledo

Experienced the refreshing coolness at Spring Park Mountain Resort

For the second day in our Toledo Escapade, the gang went to Spring Park Mountain Resort in Cantabaco, Toledo City. From Luray II, we rode a bus to Brgy DAS which costs 20php per head. Getting a bus from Luray II was not easy because most of the buses are already occupied and there were only few buses that will pass by from time to time. From Brgy. Don Andres Soriao (DAS) we had a short trip via a motorcycle to Cantabaco.
Travel to Toledo, Cebu

49km away: Southtripping to Toledo’s Hinulawan Festival

I went on a 3-day vacation in Toledo last week in time for its Hinulawan Festival. I've never been in Toledo for so long and I was excited while I was packing up my things for another adventure. I went there with my colleagues and stayed in Sheen's place for the rest of the vacation. Having four of my colleagues living in Toledo City is an advantage for this trip because our foods and accommodation is already guaranteed. Our transportation expenses were not shouldered though but that's fairly fine for everybody.
Relationship Friends College

SQUAD GOALS: Why I think your college friends are your squad...

As an Information Technology student, college was a glimpse of hell for me. There were days when you just want to slit your wrist because you can't get your program running. Those sleepless nights of troubleshooting will leave you anxious the following morning at class. But whether you admit or not, we feel at ease whenever we hear a pal is on the same page.
Travel to Simala, Cebu

Paid a visit to the miraculous Lady of Simala

I went 67 kilometers far from home to send my petition to our Lady of Simala (Birhen sa Simala). It was my first time to visit this Castle-like church in the Southern part of Cebu and I felt so blessed to have visited it. Its enchanting building structure reminds me of Disney princesses and fairy tales.
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