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Castle Muiderslot experience in Netherlands

My Castle Muiderslot experience and the guided group tour

Castle Muiderslot.. the name does not ring a bell at first. But when I saw this in the list of attractions that are included in my Holland Pass, I got interested. It's a castle! So why not get a dose of my "princess-y and fairytale" deams?
Strolling around Amsterdam on a winter

Dear Diary: Castle, trains, solo flight and my first day in...

Before I came to The Netherlands, I already had plans how to make my short stay worthwhile. My schedule the day after I arrived was to visit one of the castles in Netherlands since it was the only time I had where I could fit this agenda. In all honestly, I really didn't have an idea that you could find a lot of castles across the country. I know that it is famous for its windmills and that's it! So when I knew about its castles, I thought that I really have to visit one of them. With that, I went to the famous Muiderslot Castle in Muiden. But first thing's first, how can I go to this castle from my hotel in Zaltbommel?
Uber ride to Zaltbommel from Amsterdam

Dear Diary- I was 6,587 miles away from home. Cheers to...

Dear Diary, I was 6,587 miles away from home. I almost couldn't believe the announcement from my manager. At first, I laughed. I couldn't believe what I heard because it was quite unusual. Most of us will be sent to the United States but not in Netherlands. It took me a few minutes to finally sink in what he just said. I concealed my excitement and went back to my cube. I thought, "If everything goes well, it'll be my first international and solo travel".
Looking at the beautiful Kan-Irag

First-timer at Mt. Kan-Irag and my budget-friendly weekend escape..

I frequently want to travel or go outdoors to distress and to simply fulfill my wanderlust. Whenever I don't, I feel frustrated at life. Surprisingly, I was relieved by this burden when I trekked Mt. Kan-Irag. I never thought that I can wanderlust even without spending a lot over the weekend. Neighbor to the famous Sirao Flower Farm, I didn't expect that the jump off area for Mt. Kan-Irag will take me to a place which will change my appetite for adventures.
sunrise at Kiltepan

A warning from the girl who followed her heart

Don't come closer.. I beg you. This is a warning from the girl who once was told not to come closer - but she did Because she followed her heart.
Chasing waterfalls at Toledo

I almost told you “you were my adventure”

I make my own adventures.. Every mountains I climbed, rocks I crossed and sunrise I saw, All is because I made it happen.
Somewhere in Toledo

Bahalag sa ilusyon ra ka ma-akoa…

Ug bisan kita na ko aning salidaha Kung diin ako ra gihapon ang nagtanga-tangang bida Gapadayun gihapon kog "fangirling" ani atong Lovestory nga sa akong damgo ra gipasalida

Why you should not try spelunking at Sumaguing Cave

If you ask me out for an extreme adventure right now, I'll probably put a brave face on and gladly accept your invite. However, what you don't know (and probably wouldn't know) is that few seconds after, I'm already cursing myself at the back of my mind for impulsively accepting the offer. It is because of this experience that I came up with the reasons why you should not try spelunking at Sumaguing Cave.
John Lloyd Cruz for Greenwich

Beating off the Monday blues with John Lloyd Cruz

It’s that day of the week again— the day after a weekend of non-work related fun and adventure. Pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels heavy working on a Monday, right? How we fight to survive through this challenging day varies and sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to kick start our week.
Sagada Nature

Sinagad ang Sagada: our 4D3N Banaue-Sagada-Baguio itinerary

Words can't explain how hard I fell for Sagada. No offense to Banaue and Baguio but it's just that I was able to explore more of Sagada than these places. Spending 4 days at this simple town felt like escaping reality. Each day, I was bound for a different adventure. Each day, it never failed to amaze me-- its culture, its people, its view. This 4D3N Banaue-Sagada-Baguio trip is my most anticipated trip for this year.
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