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Temple of Leah pillars

I didn’t know Greece is just around the corner.

Greece is one of the countries that I want to visit because I have always been a fan of its architecture most especially during the 8th-6th century BC. In order to achieve the goal, I need to fly 9,939 kilometers from home and wait until I can officially fund myself. But before I knew it, Greece is just an hour drive from my city and it is just right around the corner.

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Travel to Bohol, Philippines

The FUNTEEM Bohol Escapade: Stranded backpackers be like

went on a vacation across my island a day ahead an approaching storm. Sounds challenging? Yeah, but that’s not the worst part. The worst part is I went there on the last week of December which means New Year is just around the corner and I got stranded in an island, away from my family, and with no cash at hand! Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to me. I thought I’m gonna spend my new year stranded in an island. Well of course, things got better later on. I could just laugh at this experience now.

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