Discover Groningen, Netherlands: the vibrant student city of the North

Groningen street with bikes and stores

Looking for opportunities to pursue your studies abroad? Whether you’re fresh off the High school vibes or you’re looking forward to continuing a Master’s degree, Groningen is one of the top student cities in Europe.

Just this year (2018), I had the chance to experience this city in the North of the Netherlands when I visited a friend and damn I wished I could pursue my studies again. From state-of-the-art universities to never-ending late night parties, you’ll definitely find everything a young-adult fancy. In this article, I’ll be happy to share with you my thoughts on why you should consider studying in Groningen.

1. Groningen is an international city

Thousands of students from all over the world move in to continue their studies. This makes the city very diverse. The top schools to consider in Groningen are the University of Groningen and Hanzehogeschool Groningen. These schools offer courses for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. Not only that, but numerous scholarships are also available in these schools. You can check this site for the available scholarships you qualify for. Not sure which course to take? Check out Masters Portal for a quick assessment.

Hanze Groningen and state of the art facilities

2. Groningen opens windows of opportunity

Earning a degree in one of the prestigious schools in Groningen will surely land you to a brighter career not only within the city but across the Netherlands and all over Europe too! In fact, even during your internship, a lot of opportunities are already waiting for you. However, all of these require at least a basic Dutch knowledge since most institutions and companies in The Netherlands would require a Dutch-speaker. (Disclaimer: This may not be true to all career paths, though)

Carnival near Martini Toren

3. Groningen is active at night too

Students don’t just come here to study. What else would you do on a Friday night or even when exams are coming?— Party! At the heart of Groningen, you can find nightclubs and karaoke bars where you can party until you drop. In some months, you can find the carnival near the Martinitoren (Martini Tower), the highest church steeple in Groningen.

4. Groningen sells marijuana legally

For a stressful school week, why don’t you puff a roll of joint to distress? Don’t worry, Groningen (all of Netherlands to be exact) legalizes marijuana so feel free to grab a pack of weed on your way home. You can easily buy these in “coffee shops” and take them home or enjoy them in the shop while listening to some cool tracks.


Bike parking near Groningen Train Station

5. Groningen is safe for bikers

The city is bike-friendly. In fact, I think Groningen is one of the cities in The Netherlands where people, old and young, consider biking as the main mode of transportation. Whether you are going for a quick visit to the store, going to your class, going to work, getting some fresh air at the park, delivering food, or simply going out to get some fresh air, the locals bike. Even tourists rent out bikes for a day or two to see the city.


Groningen, The Netherlands

All these are my top 5 reasons why I would want to study in Groningen. The city is wrapped with everything I want to make my student years memorable and exciting. I have been to one of these schools and my jaw dropped when I witnessed its state-of-the-art facilities. From the lobby all the way to the auditorium, everything was so inviting.

However, not everything in this vibrant city is what you expected to be. There are also some issues that students mostly face. On top of them is the shortage of accommodation. There are cases where students crash into friends or schoolmate’s apartments while waiting for vacant rooms to rent. Well, I guess this adds more fun to the experience! 

Have you been anywhere in the world to study? Aside from Groningen, which city do you think is ideal for students (international students, to be specific)?

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