Bloggers all over the world share their epic travel fails (Part 4)

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Hello, friends! So we finally came to the last part of this travel misadventure series. For this week, the last five epic travel fails will give us a whirlwind of emotions– anxiety, frustration, excitement? I’m pretty sure we’ve all been in the same kind of situation as these bloggers so without further adieu, here is the last set of epic travel fails as told by bloggers from all over the world.

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FREE upgrade that comes with a price

by Ridima of

If you are out on an adventurous trip, misadventures are a by-product of it that no one has ever escaped. Having said that, misadventures are sometimes funny, sometimes informative but always leave a learning story behind. One such misadventure happened with me while I was in Malaga.

So I rented this car from Malaga Airport with no added insurance. When you do not pay an insurance, the company blocks a certain amount on your credit card for recurring the charges, if incurred any. (Fair enough!) This rental company was humble enough to offer me a free upgrade and I readily agreed. (I mean a free upgrade never harms anyone!) However,… until this time I did not see what was coming.

An upgrade also means extra blocking of the amount on the credit card, which the operator at the desk forgot to inform me, which eventually blocked my credit card for overshooting the credit limit. When I asked her to unblock it, she said this was only possible through debiting it first and then crediting it back. With limited cash that I was carrying, survival without a credit card in a strange country seemed difficult. Thanks to my bank, who agreed to push my credit limit for the duration of my travel.

Lesson: Before you start jumping on any upgrade offer, it is always advisable to learn about its terms and conditions.

passport and a girl

Just a runaway passport and a flight to catch

by Suzy of

Picture the scene: It’s Easter weekend in Auckland. To celebrate our last night in the gorgeous country of New Zealand, my travel companion and I headed out to a restaurant by the harbor with passport in hand as a form of ID. Eventually, we moved on to a bar for the remainder of the evening when I had a sudden panic. My passport. It was missing from my bag… How to put into words the sheer horror at the thought of LOSING my passport?! Needless to say, the fun evening was about to dramatically turn very sour.

We walked a mere 20 meters back to the restaurant, just down the harbor. They hadn’t found anything. I must’ve walked up and down those few steps about 1,000 times trying to find it. Finally, after calling a police helpline, the harbor security, and multiple Google searches, we called it a night. It was now Easter Sunday and nowhere was open, no hope of an emergency passport for days, and we were due on a flight in less than 5 hours. I was starting to take it as a sign I shouldn’t leave!

We drove back to the harbor in a fruitless search once again. The hours passed, and things were looking bleak. We decided with 2 hours until take-off to head to the airport and investigate our options. Then, I received a call… The harbor security office called and asked me to confirm my details. Could it be?! YES! They had miraculously had the pesky passport handed in! Jubilation and tears of joy ensued as we rushed back to retrieve the runaway passport, before the most frantic drive back to the airport where we checked in right in the nick of time. And the worst part? It had been handed to the restaurant after I left it on their bar all along…

Cow in Lesotho

Epic travel fails prepared me for Olympics

by Lauren of

“While most travelers miss flights, loose passports or fall for tourist traps – I get chased by animals. The first time this happened was in Zambia inside Victoria Falls National Park. I was by myself on a trail walking towards one of the viewpoints when all of a sudden a massive baboon climbed down from the tree. I didn’t feel brave enough to walk past him, so I made a detour into the forest. But when I got back onto the path, his entire troop descended from the trees and started coming towards me. I immediately turned around and started dashing through the forest until I came across a bewildered group of white water rafters. I tried to act casual, waited for them to pass and pretend I was part of their crew to get back onto the trail.

The second time I got chased by animals was during a hike in Lesotho. I was at the back of my tour group taking pictures of the scenery when all of a sudden I heard this loud, angry moo. A caramel cow came down onto the path and started running towards me. Shortly after, two other cows decided to join in on the fun. I don’t think I have sprinted so fast in my life. Luckily, the herders got the cows under control, and I made sure I stayed next to the guide for the rest of the hike.”

Han River at night

Too much excitement about nothing

by Sheen of

On our day 2 of our 1st international trip, we had a smooth and well-spent day at Nami Island, Petite France, and The Garden of Morning Calm. And to complete our day, we hurriedly went back to Seoul to witness the last show of Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain. Luckily, we got there 1 hour before the schedule. It was a chilly winter evening. 30 minutes passed and we noticed that something’s wrong. It was only me, my friend, and a stray cat in the area. Maybe we got there too early or the locals are not interested anymore in this fountain show since it is scheduled daily. We want to double check the schedule, but we have no data and there was no wifi available in that area. We just continued waiting. 45 minutes and no hints of the fountain show. We got bored and got no one to ask so we talked to the cat instead: the effect of waiting on a negative temperature by the river. The clock struck 9:00 and alas, no fountain show. We waited for another 5 minutes, but still nothing. We just decided to go back to our guesthouse and the first thing I did was to research the schedule. There, written in on a website “April-October” no show during winter. Since that day, I always double-check schedules and purchase a local sim with data.

Waiting for the delayed flight

Kickstarted with a delayed flight

by Gerome of

Adventures that went wrong? Well, this is normal whenever David and I go somewhere. The very recent one, which is the best (I mean, the worst) so far- our trip to the Philippines last December.

Our rented car came to pick us up and to drive for us all the way to San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Yes, that was the first stage of the excitement. All the chit chat that we made and all the LOLs, yes, those were the feelings that we had. Then, we arrived at the airport. Of course, we were 2 hours early before our flight (11 pm PST). Perfect time to check-in, find the gate, take “At the airport” photos and videos, and get food.

Then the craziness began. 5 minutes before our flight, an announcement by the airline (which will be nameless) was made that our gate was changed. So, everyone started walking, moving to that gate number. Then, everyone’s in front of the gate, what do you think happen? You’re right! Another announcement, “We apologize for the delay, our plane is having some technical difficulties. We will open the gate in 20 minutes.”. Patience is a virtue. Everyone waited. Another announcement was made. Same one, but the time they were giving kept on getting worse and worse until we waited for 5 hours.

Yes ma’am, 5 freaking hours! They gave us some snack and water that they took from the plane during the 4th hour of waiting. We heard 2 or 3 planes of the same airline which already left the city. 5 hours.

And wait, there’s more! We got a connecting flight on this trip. However, since we were 5 hours behind our flight itinerary due to some plane issues, we still needed to land to a different country for our plane to refuel, which took another 1 ½ hours. We arrived at the Philippines at 8 pm MNL time, which was supposed to be 9 am MNL. This whole experience wasn’t a good start to our trip and wasn’t a good idea to ruin our excitement.

Thank you for reading these epic travel fails

As I have said in the first part of this series, it was a lot of fun reading and editing all these contributions from different travel bloggers all over the world. Thank you for these “friends” who shared their stories and gave us “oohs” and “haha”. Be sure to check out their sites!

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Epic Travel Fails part 4

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