Bloggers all over the world share their epic travel fails (Part 3)

It’s the third week of my Travel Misadventure Series which means that we’re already on the second to the last part of this series. For this week, more bloggers have shared their epic travel fails– from last minute visa processing to spending a hefty price for missing a flight, you definitely should check these out.


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Blame it on the auto-correct

by Amy of

So, I was super-excited for my trip to the gorgeous island of Boracay, in the Philippines. I was finishing up my last day at work before my trip and printing off my flight tickets (Hong Kong to Manila, then an internal flight from Manila to Caticlan) when I noticed a spelling error on the internal flight ticket. My name was listed as Amy Boulton instead of Amy Poulton.

My blood froze – I had booked the flights on my phone and my name must have been auto-corrected! It was only one letter (and if you say it fast, you wouldn’t even notice), would it really matter?

I called up the airline and asked if it would be a problem; they said yes, I would not be allowed to board if the name on the ticket was different to the one on my passport. They couldn’t change it because I had booked the flights through a third-party site. I called up the third-party site and they said they couldn’t change it because it was the airline’s responsibility. Cue some annoying back and forth until the airline simply gave this sage advice: turn up in Manila and just see if anyone notices.

I have never been so worried as I flew from Hong Kong to Manila, not even knowing whether I would be stuck once I got there.  I arrived in Manila and checked in for my internal flight; the check-in staff saw the error, but just laughed and said it didn’t matter for an internal flight. All that stress for nothing!

The moral of the story is to double and triple check all of your details before you book a flight, and never book a flight on your phone!


hitch hiking along the road

I just want to hitchhike in peace

by Jub of

In 2016, short on cash, I was looking to earn some money in Australia before heading back to Southeast Asia. Fortunately, I was really excited about my hitchhiking adventures at the time so when I needed to get from Brisbane to Bundaberg the obvious way was to hitch.I got two ‘interesting’ rides to get there.

After taking the train to the outskirts of the city, I was picked up within 15 minutes by someone who was the stereotypical bogan, an Australian slang term (look it up if you’re not sure). He drives a black Holden Commodore, sported a rats tail, and after a few minutes of chat said he’d stop in at the bottle store to pick up some booze. I wasn’t expecting him to start drinking the bourbon and cola RTD’s when we got back on the highway. There weren’t any empties in the car, but I sipped away cautiously. He quickly finished his first and opened another. Ah o, bad situation. Fortunately, he pulled over after 25 minutes or so saying he was heading inland (we hadn’t discussed my destination for some reason).

I was quickly picked up again and this time I wish I’d pocketed a few of the RTD’s. He seemed nothing out of the norm for a man north of 50 based on his appearance and was nice enough. He soon picked up I appreciate a healthy lifestyle and that set him up nicely. For the next three hours, he was not so subtly encouraging me to join his multi-level marketing scheme selling herbal (legal) products. He was giving me a great ride so I didn’t shut him down until we arrived in Bundaberg. I left saying I’d possibly follow up via email. Never did.

Passport and visa

Blessed by the travel gods

It wasn’t my first time visiting Turkey, I had visited the year before. But, I made the mistake of not checking to see if visa requirements had changed since my previous visit.

As I walked up to the check-in counter at the airport I dropped my luggage on the scales and handed the employee my passport.

“May I see your visa?”, she asked.

“I’ll get one when I land”, I responded. “No, you need one before you can board the plane”, she said.

“I don’t think so, I’ve been before. Is that the rule for Americans?” I asked.

“New rule”, she said as she slid my passport back to me.

I started to panic- my flight left in two hours to a country I had no visa to and I wouldn’t even be allowed on the plane.

I pulled out my phone and started Googling visa requirements to enter the country. Fortunately, I saw that they had an e-visa application. I quickly filled it out, paid the fee, received the email confirming payment, and jumped back in line.

I was hoping that I could convince the employee to let me board the plane since my application was processing, hoping that by the time I landed in six hours I would have received an approved application.

As I was waiting in line, approximately seven minutes later, I heard my phone indicate I had received a new email. I pulled out my phone, checked my inbox and was shocked to see an approved visa – in less than 10 minutes!!

I made my way to the counter with my passport and visa in hand and was able to make the flight with plenty of time to spare.

There are probably very few countries in the world where you can get a visa application approved in less than 10 minutes but I was fortunate that day – the travel gods had smiled upon me.

Now, I’m sure to always check for changes in visa policies even to countries I’ve already visited!

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A missed call for a missed flight

by Pierre of

I remember the first time I was back home after  2 years of working in Norway. Nothing beats the feeling to be in your comfort zone once again. I  felt like I was a tourist in my own country, Philippines.

It was a 2 week-vacation but I made the most out of every single day doing what I love best. Hanging out with friends, eating out and spending time with my folks were the things that made my vacation enjoyable. Knowing that I had a few days left in the Philippines, I planned a night out with the boys on the 2nd to the last day of my stay. And boy that night out was epic.

A few laughs here and there and a trip to the strip club (Sorry if this blog was supposed to be pg-13. LOL).That tragic day came the next day.  I woke up with 8 missed calls on my phone from my girlfriend. And finally got a text from her that I missed my flight.  So I checked my ticket and found out that my flight was 00.05. That unforgetful night which I should be at the airport was spent watching the girls in bikinis. I ended up paying a hefty price of 1000 USD for the one-way ticket back to Europe. So was the night out worth it? Not an epic night out at all!


Epic travel fails part 3

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