Ramen for the cold weather (and cold hearted) in Ikkousha Ramen

ikkousha ramen

Can you feel the chills? No! It’s not his heart that’s as cold as ice, but it’s definitely the cool December air serving as a gentle reminder that Christmas is just around the corner! But whether it’s the cool December air or the heart of your ex-lover that’s giving you chills, I know a place where you can warm yourself and satisfy your appetite. Ikkousha Ramen Cebu is located in JY Square, Salinas  Drive,Cebu City. It is indeed a happy place for Ramen lovers because of the distinct taste of the ramen that it has.

I first tasted their ramen in Sugbu Mercado at IT Park where they had a buy 1 take 1 promo for the first 100 customers.Yep! I was one of the people who waited for their stall to open. It was a worthwhile experience because I instantly fell in love with this ramen. Now, every time I crave for ramen, I always think of Ikkousha.

Meeting Adventures in Ikkousha: The Place

Ramen houses are sprouting like mushrooms in Cebu for the past months and Ikkousha ramen adds up to this list. This ramen house is located on the ground floor of JY Square Mall where it can be accessed from outside or inside the mall. It serves authentic Tonkotsu ramen from 10 AM to 11 PM daily.



Meeting Adventures in Ikkousha: The Food

Ikkousha has different variants of ramen, frieds and rice meals. It is known for its collagen-rich pork bone soup, served with thin noodles, four slices of tender pork cha-shu, and a flavored egg. To complete it, the dish is topped with fungus and spring onions for an appetizing makeover.

For weekdays, they also serve lunch menu from 11 AM to 5 PM which starts at 240 pesos. This combo meal consists of half bowl Tonkotsu ramen + any of the following dishes: Gyoza, Karaage, Karaage Don, and Cha-Shu Mayo Don. Aside from that, Ikkousha’s menu also has premium ramen options: Tonkotsu standard, Tonkotsu Black, and Tonkotsu Shio. For those who want an extra challenge, the God Fire ramen is a must try. Its spiciness comes in 4 levels– definitely a test of the fittest.

I ordered half bowl of Ikkousha and Gyozo lunch meal.

Meeting Adventures in Ikkousha: The Staff

The staff can give you an authentic Japanese dining experience. They are also very prompt to take your orders. If you’re not quite familiar with Japanese foods or their menu, don’t worry, the staff is there to help.

Meeting Adventures in Ikkousha: The Price

I have never heard of a best tasting ramen that won’t break your bank. I guess, all great things come with a price and Ikkousha ramen is not an exception. The meals range from 180 to 400 pesos each. To be honest, this is not something that I want to spend every day but for rainy and gloomy day cravings, why not?

Have you been to Ikkousha ramen? How was your experience?

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