A cozy and comfty welcome at Hotel Van der Valk Zaltbommel

Van der Valk Hotel Zaltbommel

Disclaimer: This is a late post about my stay in Hotel Van der Valk, Zaltbommel.

If you happen to be in Zaltbommel or any nearby towns and you’re looking for a decent hotel with luxurious treats, Van der Valk Hotel in Zaltbommel is a perfect find. Located on the outskirts of Amsterdam, this hotel has a peaceful and calm neighborhood which gives you a break from busy tourists and backpackers.


Meeting Adventures in Van der Valk Zaltbommel: The Location

Van der Valk is a Dutch hospitality chain which has earned recognition in and out of The Netherlands. This makes them as the largest Dutch hospitality chain with branches in Schiphol, Leiden, Den Haag and there’s still more of them spread across the Dutch region.

Their hotel in Zaltbommel is not difficult to locate once you’re already in the neighborhood but if you’re from Amsterdam, it will take you an hour or so traveling to Zaltbommel. You can take the train but if you’re carrying a heavy luggage, you might want to book an Uber or a taxi instead. But be mindful though, taxis and Uber are too expensive in The Netherlands.

outside Van der Valk Hotel Zaltbommel

The hotel is in a quiet neighborhood. You cannot see trams outside and there are only a few buses passing by. The train station is a few kilometers away which can be a little inconvenient if you don’t have bikes or private vehicles. There are stores like Jumbo and Aldi nearby to take care of your essential needs.

a quite neighborhood indeed

Bought some foods from Jumbo

Bought some foods from Jumbo

Meeting Adventures in Van der Valk Zaltbommel: The Facility

The hotel has a vast parking space. During my stay, it was mostly empty. The hotel also maintains a neat and tidy lobby and reception; this is where they welcome guests so it better be. For cold nights, you can stand (or sit) near the lobby’s fireplace to warm yourself. There are two entrance doors though but only one leads to the main reception.

Parking outside Van der Valk Hotel Zaltbommel

The hotel’s restaurant is also in the lobby where you will be served with fancy meals. I got a whole chicken garnished with spices and, a mashed potato and french fries on the sides during my first night. Every morning, they also offer buffet breakfast which you have to add upon check-in. The foods were tasty and very “Dutch-like”. But if you’re on a budget, you will surely find the menu a bit expensive.

Van der Valk breakfast

The hotel also has a cafe where you can grab a couple of drinks but I didn’t have the chance to explore this area.

To stay connected to the online community, the hotel also has a fast wifi connection. I was mostly relying on it during my stay because I don’t have a connection in my mobile phone. It was truly a life-saver!

Meeting Adventures in Van der Valk Zaltbommel: The Staff

The hotel has a friendly staff whether you’re a local or a foreign guest. The treatment was equal for everyone. Some of the staff are not quite fluent in English but it’s heart-warming to see them try their best. They also look very presentable and always wear a smile on their faces. They show professionalism in everything that they do. 

Meeting Adventures in Van der Valk Zaltbommel: The Rate

This is a four-star hotel so the rates are kinda expensive for backpackers. If I was paying for the room, I probably wouldn’t stay here because of some financial reasons. But with the type of service and accommodation that you will get, I would say that Hotel Van der Valk is worth it if you have the money.

If you want to learn more of the hotel’s room rates, check out its official website.

Meeting Adventures in Van der Valk Zaltbommel: The Room

I stayed in a business room which gave me a nice view of the neighborhood. I can see the American Roadhouse and the old fancy church from my window. There was no microwave but there were a small fridge and a small kitchen counter where I prepared some of my meals.

Van der Valk Zaltbommel Business double room

Van der Valk Zaltbommel Business double room

Van der Valk Zaltbommel Business double room

There were a walk-in rain shower and a separate toilet. It was a cozy and secured room. There was also a vault where I kept my important things.

View from the room

One thing for sure, Van der Valk made my first international trip cozy and warm. It was indeed a home away from home.


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