Dining like a caveman in Jo’s Chicken Inato Dumaguete

Before we ended our short Dumaguete trip, we dined at Jo’s Chicken Inato located in Silliman Avenue. We were all very hungry that time because we did not eat our breakfast. I guess we were all tired from swimming with the sea turtles in Apo Island that our “sunrise watching: plan turned to extended sleeping hours. We went straight to Jo’s after we checked out from our room in La Contour.

We were not that hyped to try Jo’s chicken because we knew that we can just find other branches in Cebu but we still tried. It was mine and Dimitar’s first time to eat at Jo’s and our experience was great, so far.


Meeting Adventures in Jo’s Dumaguete: The place

The place has a native vibe in it. The tables and chairs look like the ones we can find in grandma’s dining area. There’s no doubt that it’s an authentic Filipino restaurant and it felt like home. I believe the place was also a good way to introduce Dimitar to Filipino cuisines.

Meeting Adventures in Jo’s Dumaguete: The food

To be honest, it was one of the best meals that I had. We ordered the chicken inasal, sinigang, and crispy pata. For the desert, some of my friends had halo-halo. Dimitar and I ordered mango shakes too.


Jo's Chicken Inasal

The chicken inasal was delicious. I wanted to compare it to Mang Inasal but for me, both are landing on the same spot. Dimitar also liked it very much because of the “sweet” taste. In fact, he wanted to eat my chicken since I was not able to finish it but unfortunately, I ordered the spicy one which he’s not a fan of. Right! Just like Mang Inasal, the chicken has two variants: original and spicy.

Jo's Sinigang

The seafood sinigang gave a bit of extra lift to our meal. This sour stew also had fresh fat shrimps which made me order an extra rice. The bowl of sinigang was good for 4 to 5 persons. We were also able to equally share the shrimps to the 4 of us.

I’m not a fan of crispy pata but Dimitar liked it. He was not able to finish everything though because it was fatty and he’s not really into cholesterol. The serving size was also big. It was probably good for 3 to 4 persons but then again, Dimitar was able to finish it himself. Such appetite!

Lastly, the mango shake was ok. It was creamy and sweet but it still tastes like mango. HAHA! Me and Dimitar enjoyed it.

Note: I’m not going to comment about the halo-halo since I didn’t try it.


Dimitar at Jo's

“The chicken was really nice.” “The soup was good too.” “and I love shrimps” (Dimitar didn’t eat shrimps before he went to the Philippines)

Meeting Adventures in Jo’s Dumaguete: The Staff

The staff was very attentive. They immediately handed us the menu and as soon as we were ready, the waiter eagerly took our orders. He also gave us suggestions what to eat since he noticed that some of us were having a hard time picking. They were also courteous– greeted us when we entered and left the restaurant.

How much does it cost?


Jo's chicken Inato menu

You can see the menu from TripAdvisor here

Is it worth it?

Yes! We barely can’t stand nor walk after having lunch at Jo’s Dumaguete. We were all full that we had to stay a couple of minutes to digest the foods that we ate. It was a nice experience. If you’re constantly craving for Filipino dishes, you might want to add Jo’s Chicken on your list. 

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