Dining in Gabby’s Bistro, Dumaguete was a mix of up and down thumbs

Dumaguete City houses different activities for backpackers and tourists. From an adventurous and energy-draining activity like swimming with the sea turtles in Apo Island to a more relaxed sunset watching in Rizal Boulevard, the “City of Gentle People” has our back. Moreover, Dumaguete is also a nice place for a food trip and one of the most popular diners in the heart of the city is Gabby’s Bistro.

The one that we tried was in Paseo Perdices in Rizal Boulevard. The interior of the place was inviting so we decided to have our dinner in Gabby’s. At that time, the place was loaded with customers and so we had to wait for some people to finish eating since we were a group of seven. Luckily, we were able to find a good spot in less than five minutes.

Meeting Adventures in Gabby’s Bistro: The FOOD

I had a hard time picking my order because Gabby’s offers a lot of food choices in their menu– from main course to “merienda” meals. They have burgers, steaks, chicken and a lot more dishes in large servings. When it comes to the taste, I would say that some of the foods deserve a two thumbs up but there are also some dishes that were a thumbs down to our taste buds. Some of the foods that we ordered were also too greasy which we didn’t like.


Sheen ordered penne pasta with carbonara sauce. It was too oily.

steak and mashed potato

I ordered steak with mashed potato. 

fried chicken

Antony ordered fried chicken.

Some beef and potato

And Dimitar ordered some beef with potato chips. It was ok.. he said.


Tip: Be sure to check if the dish comes with rice because in my case, I assumed that the steak already has rice but it only comes with a mashed potato. So I ate it without rice.. Imagine the horror. (Flashback to my Netherlands trip)

Meeting Adventures in Gabby’s Bistro: The PLACE

In one word, CAPTIVATING. I liked the interior of the place. It looked like a playhouse with all those colorful light bulbs hanging on the ceiling and the different ornaments on the walls. The colors were so playful and the overall vibe of the place was so laid back. We happen to sit in a semi-circle table with a chair that resembles a couch.

Two of my friends.

Antony and Sheen, the lovebirds

cute fishy lighting in Gabby's

Cute”fishy” lighting..

Cute interior in Gabby's

This Gabby’s Bistro branch is on the 2nd floor of Paseo Perdices, beside Nuat Thai.

Meeting Adventures in Gabby’s Bistro: The STAFF

The staff was so busy that time so we were not entertained immediately. We kept on ringing the bell so that the waiter can take our orders (and some other orders after that) and we had to wait for a bit longer for our food to be served. However, I understand that there were a lot of orders from other customers as well so it was not a big deal at all. Overall, I would say that the staff in Gabby’s are accommodating and they were also very kind to take your pictures despite all the piling orders that they still have to take (and serve).

How much does it cost?

It varies but so far, it was just affordable considering the fact they have large servings.

Is it worth it?

So-so. I have nothing against them but I also wouldn’t force people to try it. But it is something that we don’t have in Cebu (I guess?) so why not give it a try at least once? For me, I think I will go back to try the other foods because I think our choice of food that time was also not good. So we’ll see..


Have you been to Gabby’s Bistro? How was your experience? What was your favorite and would you recommend it?

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