Unfold the wanderful wonders with this non-stop South Cebu roadtrip

South Cebu roadtrip

Let’s get our facts checked first: The Philippines sits prettily in the Southeastern region of Asia. When it comes to natural wonders and man-made attractions, this tropical country is embellished with precious gems represented by the three island groups: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Although I want to, this article will not talk about these three since I believe it will take forever before we finish. Instead, I’ll be highlighting the beauty of South Cebu from my home province.

So here’s a quick peek of Cebu..

Cebu, a province in the Visayas which is among the top tourist and backpacker destinations in the Philippines, is made up of beautiful beaches and mountain ranges from North to South. There are two main bus terminals, the North Bus Terminal for trips to the North and South Bus Terminal for the South. So whenever you decide to explore any of these, there surely are buses to take you wherever you want to go. But if hopping in and out the bus is not your thing, you can always travel in style under the comforts of your own vehicle.

South Cebu roadtrip.. why not?

A spontaneous road trip is one of the ultimate travel goals so why not take a tour in South Cebu? The Southern part of Cebu leaves you with choices of adrenaline-pumping and relaxing activities– both on the same side of the plate. So without further adieu, here’s how we conquered South Cebu with our 2 days and 1-night road trip experience.

South Cebu roadtrip route


The route

We decided to take the Transcentral Highway route to get to Toledo then straight to the Southern tip of Cebu.

Our trip started at JY Square Mall where we waited for everyone. We had our breakfast while some also filled their tanks. Once ready, we headed up to the mountains of Busay.


Temple of Leah

The famous temple of Leah as the new addition to Cebu’s tourist destinations. Although still unfinished, a lot of tourists (and even locals) are visiting the place for a picture-perfect escape from the city hustle. As for us, we made sure not to miss a few shots in these “Greek-inspired” structures.

Sirao Garden

Another popular attraction near Ayala Heights, we went all the way up to the beautiful garden of Sirao to take a shot of the celosia flowers. There are actually two gardens in Sirao and we took the first one. Just recently, I went back and paid a visit to the second (and the original) garden.

Felixberto’s Burgers and Hotdogs

Popular among riders (they said), Felixberto’s Burgers and Hotdogs is cooking in Transcentral Highway. Riders can take a break from long uphill rides and get their stuff filled in Felixberto’s. It was a rainy morning and we waited for the rain to stop at Felixberto’s while we ate some snacks. It was my first time to be here and it definitely was a must in this South Cebu roadtrip experience.


The road was foggy, and filled with turns and drifts. It was fun but it was dangerous too! We even got caught in a minor accident when one of the riders in front of us slipped and it was almost too late for us to avoid crashing him.

Toledo City

We outran the rain from the mountains in Balamban. When we reached Toledo, we filled our tanks again, took some pictures as souvenirs and left. The day is still starting and there’s still a long way to go.

Tip: If you’re on a motorcycle and you’re not with a full-face helmet, be sure to have face masks because the road is also very dusty. (Even if you’re only a passenger)

Milk Station in Barili

The long journey (and we’re not even half of it yet) deserves a fresh cow milk which can be bought in Barili’s Milk Station. I also bought the milk cow ice cream for 35 pesos.

Rhonda, Alcantara, Moalboal

We continued on our South Cebu roadtrip passing by Rhonda and Alcantara without any problems aside from the fast-moving vans and buses around us. Traveling in a group of (professional and non-professional) riders made it extra fun though. We stopped at McDonald’s Moalboal to eat our late lunch. The sun was almost setting but it’s never too late to eat lunch!!

We decided to stay for the night at Bas Daku, Moalboal. We were able to get 2 rooms for 3500 and split the group into two groups. It’s a shame that we were not able to witness the sunset by the beach because it was already dark when we arrived. But none of us made a big deal out of it because we were all extremely tired from the trip.

We spent our morning swimming in Bas Daku. Then, we had breakfast before we continued with the road trip.

Mesmerizing beauty of the ocean in South Cebu

Mesmerizing beauty of the ocean in South Cebu


We reached the tip of South Cebu! Yey! We took a break and savored the moment that we were at the end of South Cebu. The beaches, not only in Santander, were really lovely. I was so mesmerized by it.


We passed by more beaches that left me speechless. Aside from that, the turns and drifts were also very cool. At some point of our ride, we caught ourselves competing against buses and it was a challenge keeping the group together and kicking out other vehicles who try to cut our small parade.


Time for snacks again! My adrenaline was pumping with all those road exhibition attempts and all the jaw-dropping views that I witnessed. Dalaguete is popularized by the Osmena Peak. How I wish we had the time to include this in our itinerary but we wanted to go home before night time so nah!


We were deciding whether we should stop at the Miraculous Lady of Simala but since we were running out of time, we decided to skip it this time.

Our South Cebu roadtrip went smooth. We were happy that the weather was cooperating with our plans. In fact it cooperated too well that it gave me sunburns.! HAHA! We arrived Cebu City in the middle of the afternoon which gave us enough time to hang out at Sunburst. Night time came and we all felt the need to crawl our beds for a good night sleep.

South Cebu roadtrip

Our South Cebu roadtrip was amazing

Gasoline stations are accessible even in the southernmost town of Cebu. We were traveling via motorcycle that time so when it comes to what type of vehicle is more appropriate, I’m not sure if I can give a good comparison. However, four-wheels or not, you should always make sure that your vehicle is in a good condition before setting off for long travels like this. In our case, we prepared the motorcycle by checking the brakes, the wheels, the engine and made necessary repairs just to make sure that the vehicle can last the uphill and downhill rides. For four-wheeled vehicles, you can also include checking and replacing your oil filters, and see to it that you’re getting the best of its kind. Remember, the key to surviving this trip is keeping in good shape.. not only with your vehicles but also for the driver.


I am looking forward to explore North Cebu next. Anyone?

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