A magical walk at Den Bosch that you should try

's-Hertogenbosch Central Station

It was one hell of a magical night when we decided to visit ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Wait. Let me repeat that again.. ‘s- H e r to g e n b o s c h. Until now, I still have those days where I struggle to remember this city in The Netherlands. I also can’t remember that I bumped into this place when I was searching for cities near Zaltbommel. Maybe because I find it difficult to read? I knew it was something like “heterogeneous” and it sounds like “heshcdsrfjsdskkj”. (Yes! Emphasis on the “g” + “sch” sound in Dutch which really hurts my throat by the way) I later found out that it is colloquially called as “Den Bosch” which is not that difficult to remember  for me. Thank goodness!


Den Bosch is simply awesome..

and I fell in love with it even though it was just a quick visit. If given the chance, I want to visit this city again because there’s something with its atmosphere that really captured my heart. Maybe it’s because of the carnival mood that time? If you want to know what I am talking about, here’s a sneak peek and my list of 4 (+1) things to see while at Den Bosch. (I highly recommend you to check out these places)

1. Jan de Groot

As fancy as it sounds, this pastry shop in Den Bosch is truly worth a visit. From outside, you can peek through the tasty goodies and catch a glimpse what the shop looks inside. The interior looks cute and neat. You can also smell the freshly baked pastries which in no doubt will make your stomach rumble. I highly suggest their bossche bol (chocolate pastry balls). The chocolate is not the kind of sweet that will hurt your throat and the cream filling inside complements this sweetness too.

Jan de Groot Den Bosch

Be sure to activate your sweet tooth before visiting Jan De Groot


Jan de Groot Den Bosch

They have pastries with wine fillings, chocolate balls and all sorts of sweet goodies for the tooth fairy

2. Samy’s Eet Cafe

This place is truly a life saver. Samy’s Eet Cafe can be found at the heart of Den Bosch along with other restaurants and cafes that look quite interesting too. If you’re looking for Asian dishes like satay, Samy’s is the perfect place if you happen to be around Vismarkt 6 in Den Bosch.

3. St. John’s Cathedral (Sint Janskathedraal)

Outside St. John's Cathedral

Disclaimer: We were freezing that time and I think the camera also went nuts trying to survive the chilly night. (thus the extremely poor image quality. HAHA!)

Architecture lovers might want to include St. John’s Cathedral in their bucket list. This Roman Catholic cathedral in North Brabant has a Gothic architectural style that will surely give goosebumps and butterflies in your stomach at the same time. Not an architecture lover? Listening to the ringing church bells was one of the most magical moments that happened to me while at Den Bosch. You might also want to try it yourself.

4. Oeteldonk (Carnaval)

Oeteldonk flags Den Bosch

Flags are along the streets to celebrate the festival. Den Bosch then changes its name to Oeteldonk until the festival is over.

Our visit happened a day before the Oeteldonk, a festival in Den Bosch (which I believe is held every February). During this time, Den Bosch changes its name to Oeteldonk for three days until the festival is over. Because of this, I actually thought that it was the right time to visit Den Bosch. (It would have been great if it was the day of the festival though) We felt that people were all in a festive mood and we had a great time walking around the streets while embracing the warm smiles of the people we came across with.


Den Bosch is beyond beautiful.

I have no words how hard I fell for this city. The St. John’s Cathedral, the ambiance, the food and the people left a good impression and I will surely keep on adding this city to my bucket list.


Walking around Den Bosch in a rainy evening

Walking around Den Bosch in a rainy evening


..and then, there’s this part of the city too!

Architecture in Den Bosch Architecture in Den Bosch

The Gothic style of Saint John’s Cathedral is not just the architectural style to spazz in Den Bosch. These buildings also looked very elegant and polished that you won’t mind the long hours walking while sight-seeing these infrastructures. (Well at least from a tourist’s perspective)

So what do you think about this city? Did you also have a hard time reading ‘s-Hertogenbosch? Do think it’s worthy to be in your bucket list? Next time, I prefer to come back on the exact day of the festival (because I heard a lot of wonderful things how they celebrate it– talk about street parties!).

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    • Thank you! Those type of pastries are indeed interesting but it’s a shame that we did not buy some of those. Instead, we had the chocolate balls and they were really amazing.

  1. It cool to see that there are beautiful places to visit in the Netherlands outside of Amsterdam. Judging by your photos it looks like it’s very cold there!

    • I was also amazed by it. Before, I could only think of Amsterdam when talking about Netherlands. It’s such a nice country that I didn’t mind freezing my ass off. haha!

  2. It’s nice to see such wonderful place. I hope to set my foot on this dreamland when I get the chance. Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey. Looking forward for more blogs! hehehehe…. 🙂

  3. Yum! Those cakes look delicious! I have never heard of Den Bosch before, but I am currently planning my next adventure around Europe so will have to do some research on this part of The Netherlands. It looks like an amazing walk 🙂

    • Nice! I’m happy that I brought this city in your radar. There’s more to The Netherlands aside from Amsterdam. Check out Den Haag, Utrecht, and Den Bosh. (If you want to go far, you can also visit Groningen) Good luck on your Europe adventure.

  4. I have yet to visit Europe. Thank you so much for putting this together so I have an additional stop to visit in the Netherlands apart from Amsterdam!

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