A beginner’s survival kit in trekking Mt. Kan-Irag via Budlaan trail

Survival kit in trekking Mt. Kan-Irag

So I guess you’ve heard of Mt. Kan-Irag many times already most especially if you have a friend (or two) who loves the mountains. Well, even if you don’t have that friend, I’m sure you’ve heard it from other bloggers like Ms. Meeting Adventures (oops! That’s still me.) I am no expert here so I cannot give a detailed guide in trekking Mt. Kan-Irag as I am not a “certified” trekker myself. But what I will leave you today is an inexperienced’s first-hand experience in surviving a day trek in the precious Mt. Kan-Irag– hailed as “the mountain within the city“. So if you are a beginner and you want to explore Mt. Kan-Irag (or your trekker friends blackmailed you to do so), this post might be helpful.

Revisiting Mt. Kan-Irag was not as easy as how it went the first time and I’m glad that I did not come empty-handed.

Ms. Meeting Adventures trekking essentials

The Trekking Essentials

  1. Bottled water or Energy drinkUnless you want to drink from the falls, you should consider bringing enough water to quench your thirst.
  2. Trail foods – It’s going to be a long walk (up and down the trail), my friend. So be sure to stuff your growling tummy with light snacks. 
  3. Pack Lunch – Trekking Mt. Kan-Irag takes around 5 to 6 hours depending on the group’s pace so take a break in the middle of the trek. You deserve a good meal with a good view. 
  4. Towel/Sanitizer/WipesYou will not only battle with a sweaty underarm but you will also get dirty once in a while. Welcome to the mountains!
  5. RaincoatThe weather can be such a bummer sometimes most especially when it can’t decide whether to let Mr. Sun play or make it rain. What could be worse is getting your bag and all your stuff inside wet. (Most especially if your bag is not waterproof)
  6. PowerbankAn extra life most especially during emergencies. Also, keep your jam playing (through Spotify or your phone’s music player) while in the mountains by keeping your phone alive. DO you know that you can find a signal in Mt. Kan-Irag? Yes and it’s LTE!
  7. Extra Shirt This comes in handy after the long trek and you want to feel clean (at least a bit).
  8. A good backpackIt doesn’t mean that you have to invest in an expensive mountaineering gear most especially when you’re not planning to get serious with it. However, make sure that your backpack can carry and last through the entire trail. A bag with padded straps is also preferable for comfort.


Optional trekking finds

  1. Action Cam Save your ass from the #PictureOrItDidNotHappen moments and get yourself a souvenir on your first (and hopefully not the last) trekking experience. I brought mine but unfortunately, I can’t find where I saved my videos.
  2. Trekking Pole Less chance that an inexperienced trekker will have a trekking pole but if you know someone who has, I recommend borrowing one because trust me it really helps. Compared from my past trekking experience where I didn’t have a trekking pole, I trekked confidently with a pole which kept me from slipping off.
  3. Arm sleeves – You’ll pass through tall grasses that are shoulder-high. If you have a sensitive skin, protect it with a (cute) pair of arm sleeves. It can also help protect your arms from the sun.

At the peak of Mt. Kan-Irag

Pre-trek preparation

  1. Apply sunblock/ sunscreenSay hello to Mr. Sun with a smile. Don’t skip the sunblock to keep his angry rays from damaging your skin most especially your face. It is the most delicate yet the most exposed part of your body.
  2. Double check your bag – Come on! Don’t be such a lazy ass. Don’t let a night of packing go to waste by leaving some stuff behind. 
  3. Get a good night sleepSleep soundly at night. I know it can be difficult most especially when your excitement kicks but getting a good night sleep prepares you for the long day ahead.


Not only specific for trekking Mt. Kan-Irag, you can also use these tips on a mountain of your choice. If you have anything to add, don’t be shy to comment down below.


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