I almost told you “you were my adventure”

Chasing waterfalls at Toledo

I almost told you “you were my adventure”..


At first when you showed me the countless wonderful things you’ve seen.

How the sunrise paints the sky with lovely hues;

How the wind kisses your forehead at the summit;

How the hot air balloons fly effortlessly to the air.

Then through those words that melted like hot chocolates that tickled my heart.


I almost told you “you were my adventure”..

In between those times you took me to places I’ve never been- the mountains,

the beaches and even the darkest streets in the city.

Despite all those breath-taking and death-defying moments,

You never left my side.. because you enjoyed the adventure.


I almost told you “you were my adventure”..

Like the sudden gush of feeling I felt when jumping between rocks

a few centimeters apart but I’m still scared like a freak because the depth is intimidating.

This adrenaline rush leaves me sweaty from my palms to my toes.



And lastly, I almost told you “you were my adventure”..

When you leave me hanging and hoping at 2 o’clock in the morning.

Wondering your whereabouts, where you went, why you left me unanswered.

Thinking maybe you just fell asleep or perhaps forgot to hit

the send button. Who knows?


I badly want to tell you “you are my adventure”..

Whenever you give me GO signals at random circumstances.

Late night when the vodka hits your senses,

in the morning when you wake up with a hangover,

and in unexpected chances when your hands find mine.

Then you tell me to stop whenever I’m about to.


I just might tell you “you are my adventure”..

Because you give me all these contradicting feelings in one blow.

All those mixed signals you’re giving like a riddle I cannot solve,

like patterns in my outfit that do not match, like how your hands

are not the perfect fit to my tiny hands.

You’re a mystery giving me a challenging misery.



You are not my adventure..

You’re just one of them but you are not entirely what makes my heart beat,

my adrenaline accelerate and my day better.

You are just one of the countless riddles I am yet to solve, and

patterns in my closet I am yet to match.


After all, I am just a Ms. meeting series of adventures.

A girl with a naive heart- hungry, thirsty, dreaming and exploring.

Believing that some adventures are meant to keep while some

are just there to keep you learning.


I make my own adventures..

Every mountains I climbed, rocks I crossed and sunrise I saw,

All is because I made it happen.

The same as how I let you in.. I made it happen.

The same as how I allowed you to hold my hand.. I made it happen.

The same as how I kept waiting for answers.. I made it happen.


I made all these happen yet I can’t make us happen.

Because just like every riddle thrown at me, I just can’t answer

what’s beyond my knowledge. Like every pieces of clothes I have,

I just can’t pair up what  doesn’t look good together.

Like those hands that found mine, I just can’t keep holding the one who can’t be held.


So I’m moving on with my adventure..

And though you are one of those that can’t be kept,

You feed my hunger and thirst to learn and fuel my soul to dream and explore.

You are the one that keeps me learning and

I almost told you “you were my adventure”.

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I am a 20-something Software Engineer who loves to travel, explore places, experience different culture and chase dreams. Apart from my 6 to 9 job, I dance ballet as a hobby. Born, raised and currently living in the beautiful Philippines but will soon travel the world.. one baby step at a time.

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