Beating off the Monday blues with John Lloyd Cruz

John Lloyd Cruz for Greenwich

It’s that day of the week again— the day after a weekend of non-work related fun and adventure. Pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels heavy working on a Monday, right? How we fight to survive through this challenging day varies and sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to kick start our week.

October 24— it was the usual “Monday Blues” afternoon at the office when a friend told me something that awakened my inner fangirl— John Lloyd Cruz was at the lobby! Yeah right! At first, it was hard to believe. What if he’s just making fun of me? I did a quick debate at the back of my mind whether to keep my chill or to rush to the lobby. In the end, I did the latter because of course, it’s THE John Lloyd Cruz.

Tall, handsome and with a smile that can melt every girl’s heart, John Lloyd was disguised as a Greenwich delivery man. The 6th floor lobby was blown away. Girls from different age groups were fangirling at that time. Ms. Ruby Alquizola was the luckiest of them all because she didn’t only receive the sumptuous pizza that she ordered but she also got a hug from the idol.

John Lloyd Cruz for Greenwich

Ms. Ruby was definitely surprised when John Lloyd delivered her pizza

John Lloyd Cruz for Greenwich Pizza

Ms. Kara was lucky enough to take a  decent picture with JL

The commotion did not last long. After some photo opportunities and of course, the pizza delivery, John Lloyd bid goodbye to his fans. It was a short but sweet encounter— enough to fight the Monday Blues away. It was so far the most effective antidote for Mondays like that.

Are you one of those who got a glimpse of the handsome delivery man? Or probably one of the lucky employees who had a photo with him? Comment down your fangirl (or fanboy.. because why not?) moments below!

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