Wave after wave: Kalanggaman Island getaway

Kalanggaman Island Escapade

so Last July 31, I went to Kalanggaman Island together with my friends. It was a very nerve-wrecking experience that the squad will never forget.

Weeks before the said trip, I was already very excited. Primarily, it was because we were going to ride a yacht via Seahorse Houseboats to take us to and fro the island. It was my first time to ride a yacht and a lot of things are already running in my head: imagine the glamorous and #WhatsMoneyFor scenes that we usually see in music videos and movies. I even bought new swimming attires, sunglasses and sunblock just for this trip. Overall, I was really expecting this trip to be fun and worthwhile but unfortunately, things did not go as expected.

A few days before the trip, there was already a typhoon heading in the Philippines. This reminds me very much of my Bohol misadventure few years ago. The weather was already bad- with strong wind and thunderstorms. In fact, several islands were already under a storm warning signal up until the day of our trip. With such weather condition, we asked the yacht owner if the trip will still push through and in response, they assured us that it is just safe to sail.  They also added that they’ll immediately postpone the trip if a gale warning will be raised. With that said, we were confident that the trip will just go smoothly. We were also a bit relieved knowing that the typhoon already passed Samar and it’s already in Luzon area.

To help you get into the scene, I will share to you the schedule that was given to us by the management. This schedule was also posted in their Facebook page.

Departure Area: Cebu Yacht Club

Boarding 4AM
Departure: 5AM

Arrival Kalanggaman: Between 9:30-10AM.

Swimming: 11-245PM

Departure Kalanggaman: 3PM
Dinner serve on the way back to Cebu Yacht Club while cruising.

Arrival Cebu Yacht Club: 7:30PM-8PM.

Fast forward.. we departed from Cebu Yacht Club half an hour late from the plotted schedule. The first few hours of sailing was just fine. We were all laughing and cracking jokes. The atmosphere was still very lively and full of excitement. We were all very hyped since we were seated at the top deck of the yacht. This is a perfect spot which will isolate our group from the rest of the passengers. But then we noticed that the waves began to grew stronger and the trip began to slow down. Some are already feeling nauseous. 4 hours had already passed and we were still in the middle of the ocean. We were already hungry. For a group of 8, we only shared 2 packs of junk foods. In fact, the squad did not even plan to bring any snacks since we were not expecting this trip to be longer than 4 hours. We were lucky that there was one who brought along something to munch on. After 6 hours, we already saw the island but we were not able to dock immediately because of the large waves.

Finally, food was served and we took our lunch in the yacht while waiting to be transferred to a smaller boat. The foods were tasty but unfortunately, some of my friends already lost their appetite due to the long and risky travel. The island was very lovely but the excitement that we felt days before the trip was already replaced by anxiety.


All aboard via Seahorse Houseboats Yacht

We only had a few hours left to enjoy the island. So we just savored the moment and took lots of pictures. However, we ended up losing all the pictures because my friend’s phone fell underwater and it died. RIP Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.


The group in our buwis buhay trip

Kalanggaman Island is such a beauty.  It’s definitely more beautiful with a good weather. It is a sandbar so you are really in the middle of the ocean. At that time, the waves were angrier on one side of the island. The ocean was not in its excellent crystal clear form.


I think it was past 3pm when we prepared ourselves to leave the island. Again, we were not able to get aboard the yacht immediately since we still have to be transported by a pump boat from the shore to the yacht. It was around 4pm when we were all set and we sailed away from the island. The afternoon waves were angrier compared to that morning. We were also sailing against the wind so we can really feel the angry waves and the strong wind. We were all holding on to our seats because there were a lot of times when the yacht would almost kiss the ocean. One time, we bumped into a very large wave and we were ejected from our seats.

Sitting on the top deck of the yacht, we almost fell into the water. We were also not wearing any life jackets at first! Good thing the yacht crew hurriedly lent everyone a life jacket the moment we requested one. The sun is about to set and it won’t be long before it gets dark. From the looks of it, we won’t be able to reach Cebu Yacht Club before dark.My squad was already worried of our safety as we noticed that the clouds began to thicken again. Is it going to rain? From afar we saw lightning in the middle of the ocean. That was the time when we decided to dock into the nearest island and travel by land instead.

Without wasting  any time, we informed the yacht driver and the yacht owner of our plan…

To be continued.

Credits: Some of the photos in this post are taken from Kentoyi of Knsworks.

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