Meet my “Emmy”: SJCam’s M20 action camera

Sjcam M20 Test shots 1
Disclaimer: This post will not talk about SjCam M20 in a technical level. I am not very good at scrutinizing the technicalities of whatsoever. Rather, I will write about my thoughts on this action camera.


I’ve been wanting to buy my own action cam for some time now but I still can’t afford to buy a GoPro without breaking the bank. Then a friend gave me a good feedback regarding his SJCAM and that’s when I started to keep an eye on this camera. It’s way cheaper than that of the GoPro but as expected, its quality is not that high. However, after reading a few reviews I realized that as long as you know how to tweak the settings of your camera, you’ll be able to get a good shot. This convinced me to consider buying an SJCAM.

I started saving up for an SJCAM- aside from being a Software Engineer, I also work part-time writing articles to get extra income (the reason why I cannot update this blog regularly).

I initially saved up for SJ5000x Elite but sometime around February, I decided to wait for SJCAM’s M20.



Photo credits to Hey Joe Gadget Store

I bought my item at Hey Joey Gadget Store. I availed the ₱7499.00 package but if you want to go cheaper, you can visit their Facebook page for some other bundles.


We (ze boyfriend and I) did not test the item at the shop and we just hoped that it is not defective. Anyway, Hey Joe has 7 days replacement warranty and 90 days service warranty so there’s nothing to worry if it works or not.

We were so excited to try it. Below are some unedited shots that we took using the default settings of the camera. I still have not updated the firmware of the camera to 1.2.3 (the current firmware release as of the writing)


Unfortunately, I cannot upload sample videos since I only have the Free plan for this site. 


I am quite impressed with this action cam release. I can say that this is really an improvement to the previous releases of SJCAM.

Considering the price that I paid and the quality of the photos, I can say that it is definitely a good bargain. Kudos to SJCAM for this great work!

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