Finding Camotes

Beautiful Camotes sunset

I was hesitant at first whether to join this Camotes trip or not. After a little push from my teammates, I decided to go although I am still not fully convinced to go.

From Danao port, We went aboard the 5:30 am boat ride to Camotes. The sail was approximately 2 hours so we arrived in Camotes at 8:00am. First thing’s first, we looked for the multicab we hired for the entire trip. Rental fee with driver: 2500.00 pesos

First stop: Paraiso Cave

Since we were already in San Francisco, CA (Camotes), we first visited the hot spots within the vicinity.

Entrance Fee: 25.00 pesos

Second stop: Heaven Cave


We did not really go inside this newly opened cave. We just took a few peeks before we decided not to go in. If my memory serves me right, entrance fee is 25 pesos.

Third stop: Lake Danao


Entrance fee: 25.00 pesos

Finally, I’ve been to this famous “Lake Danao”. Before enjoying the view, we first took time to read the legend of the place.

One couple, Mang Isyong, a fisherman, and Nang Isyang, a weaver, once had a cold war after Mang Isyong did not bring home a good catch. A disaster hit the locality and the couple started to run away for their lives and unconsciously ran towards each other. Once they remembered their “cold war”, they started running away from each other. The flood water caught the couple and since then, they were not seen again.

The two islets were then believed to be the body of the two.

Note: I hope I gave justice in my summary of the legend.

Lake Danao offers activities like kayaking, boat rentals to tour you around the lake (some boats are designed as birds, crocodile or fish) A tower for cable car is still under construction as of the writing. Soon, I bet there will be cable cars traversing across the water! Exciting! But if you don’t feel like exploring the lake, you can just grab the opportunity to take instagram worthy pictures with its photogenic view.

And also, you don’t have to worry in case you emptied your tummies because there’s a snack bar which has a great variety of foods to choose from at an affordable price.


Fourth stop: Timubo Cave


Entrance fee: 25.00 pesos

I was quite shocked that Camotes has a lot of caves. And so far, this cave has been the nicest cave I’ve visited in Camotes.


 Inside, you can really tell that oxygen is lesser. If you are claustrophobic and asthmatic, you are not advised to get inside. But if you really want to, then enter at your own risk. 🙂

Lunch at Baywalk

At around 11:45 am we were already done with four destinations. By this time, we were already very hungry so the driver took us to Agora. This place is the counterpart of our Larsian in Cebu though it is not that big. You can choose from bbq, tuna soup, sisig, etc. If you want to buy some snacks for the day, there is a mini-warehouse across the gymnasium nearby. We bought some junk foods and water there since we did not buy some in Cebu.

After eating, we continued with our day tour. Our next stop is for the adrenalin junkies.

Fifth stop: Buho Rock

Buho Rock is located in Poro. Since this is in another town,  we were charged an additional 500 pesos on our multicab rental.


Entrance fee: 20.00 pesos

When we talk about cliff jumping, Buho Rock is the famous destination in Cebu. But if you don’t feel like jumping, you can just swim and enjoy the nice view.

But for personal satisfaction, I would suggest to try the cliff jumping. It is totally worth it. If you don’t know how to swim like me, worry no more because there are life jackets awaiting for you below. YOLO!

Sixth stop: Mangodlong Rock

Our last destination in our day tour.  From Buho Rock, this is quite far. 

Entrance fee: 20.00 pesos

The resort is nice and perfect for another instagram worthy pictures because of the rock formations along the beach. They also offer jetski rides which costs 1700 pesos for 30 minutes. Since I don’t know how to maneuver and am afraid to do so, I was only the passenger while my teammate drove. It was a superb experience! I want to try driving it next time!


Time check: past 4pm

We finished our tour before 5:00 pm. This time, we checked-in in our rooms and explored the beach nearby.  

Sunset in Santiago Bay highlighted our afternoon in Camotes. 

We had our dinner at Pito’s Sutukil.

Day 2: Chill  

Our second day was purely chilling by the sea. After breakfast, we rented a skimboard for 100 pesos. It was harder than I expected. I definitely wanna ace it next time.

I can’t resist taking panoramas of the bay. It’s too beautiful in a wider view. 

Santiago Bay Resort Infinity pool

This one is my favorite pool so far. You guys should try it.


 Entrance fee: 100.00 pesos

And this is where our Camotes escapade ended. Later that afternoon we headed home to Cebu. But as we go back to reality, I can say that we had a WANDERful Camotes experience.
Total expenses: 2100.00 pesos

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  1. I was recently in Camotes and it’s unfortunate that you didn’t enter the Heaven Cave. It’s interiors are more inviting compared to Timubo. Heaven has clearer waters and it’s connected to the sea so it changes water from time to time. The owners are pretty hands on too, the grandchildren guided me beyond the pools, through the rocks openings there are other rooms and different rock formations just waiting for you to see. You should definitely check the next time you’re there. 🙂

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