Wall Climbing experience in Metrosports Lahug

Wall Climbing at Metrosports Lahug

A few weeks ago, I went wall climbing in Metrosports, Lahug together with two of my officemates. Since it is just a walking distance from our office, we decided to just take a walk. The weather was not very cooperative for several days and in fact, it did shower when we hiked to our destination. The rain didn’t stop us though.

It was quite awkward knowing that majority in that room were wall climbing “veterans”.
Before the climb, we were oriented to the basics first.

  1. The climber must wear a harness and must know how to secure himself on the rope.
  2. Climb in pair. -One will climb while the other will belay. As the climber ascends, the belayer will make sure the rope is not too loose so that if the climber accidentally lets go, he will still fall to safety
  3. Make sure to be in constant communication with your partner. Most especially before climbing and when you’ve reached the top. Make sure your partner responds to your signal too!

Wall climbing

Moving on, we had tried three walls of different difficulty. For me, the first two walls were quite easy. Of course, I was anxious at first but when I reached the top of the easiest wall, I was relieved. It was not that scary knowing that I am safe with the harness and of course, with my partners. The third wall was really difficult and I stopped almost halfway. My arms were already tired and I couldn’t grip anymore. It was quite an achievement for me. I was also able to try the much harder wall. Sadly, I was only up to the first few steps because there was no way I could step on and hold on. I still have weak arms.


For first timers, belaying was really difficult. I have to admit that I was more stressed in belaying compared to climbing. The instructor said we’ll get used to it.


The following day my arms were really painful. It took a couple of days to heal. In the end, I was glad I did it. No regrets because it was all worth it. I think I should try it again some other time.


  • 130 php per person for 3 hours

For first timers, the three hours is more than enough. But if you want to avail an unlimited access to the indoor facility, you can try out their membership.

What amazes me most is seeing two kids wall climbing. They were much stronger than I am because they were able to effortlessly climb half of the hardest wall without a harness.


So I hope I was able to awaken your adventurous self. Soar high! Climb higher! It’s more fun with friends!

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