One fine bowling date in SM City Cebu

Bowling at SM Cebu

So for our first monthsary, we had bowling with friends in Ayala Bowling Center. It was not my first bowling experience since I had bowling in my PE class in college. Contrary to my first bowling experience, I get to choose the weight of the ball this time.

I was first anxious upon my turn because I’m not really good at it. My first few strikes were pretty bad but later on, I was able to hit a few. Yey!


  • 170 php per game per person
  • 50 php shoes

Socks are required. If you happen not to bring any, you can purchase a pair on their store. (20 php, i think) Aside from that, you also don’t have to worry in your first time there because they have staffs who can assist you on the lanes.

Here are some snaps we took using the burst feature in my phone.


There were those moments when I feel bad for not hitting a pin. My boyfriend was good at it! By the end of our two games, we would have wanted to play more but time restricted us. Maybe we’ll be back for another round soon enough! Who’s in?

FYI, they also have billiard tables worth 100 per hour. So if you want to chill a bit more or wait for a vacant lane, you can rent a billiard table.

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