Dear Diary: The iNCRedible things of my corporate life

Life at NCR Cebu Development Center

Hi All! So I’ve been on hiatus for a couple of months. Summer went by too fast and I no longer find any activities that I have worth posting. Later did I realize that everything that has happened to me right now is worth it.

Just a quick update, I am now working! Yey! Corporate life is very different from college life. It’s a fresh start and I’m happy where I am right now. There may have been tough times in adjusting but this too shall pass. Speaking of corporate life, I never knew I’ll be able to try so many things in just a span of two months. Yep, I’m already two months and 18 days old employed. I’ve been really fascinated with so many things lately, from laidback indoor activities to extensive outdoor(like) activities. And I can’t wait to experience some more. Apart from my wonderful team, I think what makes me happy in my workplace right now is knowing that I have endless opportunities to discover myself.  I get to know people who are willing to impart their hobbies and interests to others. The opportunities are endless and it’s making me excited having something to look forward in the future.

With this, I am motivated to rebuild my blog. After all these activities that are in store for me, I will be needing all the blank spaces available to extend my thoughts and experiences to others. And I am pretty much excited to start this new journey that I have and how far will I go in this iNCRedible life.

See you in my future posts.

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I am a 20-something Software Engineer who loves to travel, explore places, experience different culture and chase dreams. Apart from my 6 to 9 job, I dance ballet as a hobby. Born, raised and currently living in the beautiful Philippines but will soon travel the world.. one baby step at a time.


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