SQUAD GOALS: Why I think your college friends are your squad for keeps.

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At Coffee Prince Cafe

At Coffee Prince Cafe

As an Information Technology student, college was a glimpse of hell for me. There were days when you just want to slit your wrist because you can’t get your program running. Those sleepless nights of troubleshooting will leave you anxious the following morning at class. But whether you admit or not, we feel at ease whenever we hear a pal is on the same page.

Ni-run imong program?” “Wala.” “Ako pud! Apir!

Gate crashers

Gate crashers

The pressure and leisure in my college life made me realize that these people are my squad for keeps. I’m not sure if you’ll agree with me but here are the reasons why I think our friends in college are the squad for keeps.

  1. They know you better than your highschool BFFS. In highschool, I thought that my HS buddies are my best friends forever. But when we got into college, we studied different professions and we enrolled in different universities from one another. We had new set of friends then. Long before we knew it, we barely know each other’s activities. Sure we do know each other’s likes and dislikes but we never really knew each other under pressure. On the other hand, my college buddies have seen and endured my grumpy, angry, frustrated, depressed and all other forms of my violent self.
  2. You probably had your first clubbing with them. Since clubs are not allowed to entertain minors inside their premises, you never really had your first clubbing until you reach college at the age of 18. This is another lifetime milestone where you stay up all night and stuff yourself with booze, get crazy and yolo. And of course, not to mention the excuses you and your friends orchestrate to get away from your overly-strict parents.
  3. And probably had your first alcoholic drink with them.. and you probably got too drunk. Oh the terror when you missed twenty-eight missed calls from your mom and the thirty text messages from your dad when you didn’t pick up your phone. And that one text your pal received from your mom.
  4. They know who you’re hitting up in your sophomore year in college. or probably on your freshman year, junior year or senior year. It doesn’t really matter. Bottomline is, they know who you’re exchanging text messages with and they’re prepared 24/7 to fill a room with cheers and woos when he passes by.
  5. They scrutinize your lovelife. They tell you whether he’s a PASS or a FAIL. And trust me, you just have to trust them with that. I learned that from experience.
  6. They know whose face to break when you had a broken heart. This is their backup plan when you don’t listen to them telling you that he’s not good for yo or when their predictions did not go as planned.
  7. You’ve been pissed at each other for so many times already.. because of pressure, pressure and pressure or simply because their existence pisses you off sometimes. But you can’t stand not to talk to them for so long.
  8. You borrow money or clothes or gadgets from each other and it doesn’t even bother you. I still have my friend’s pants with me.
  9. More mature talk. More self-assessment with them. They tell you things you didn’t discover about yourself when you were in highschool.
  10. You grow together with them. College is the time when you also prepare yourself to become a professional. In this stage, you see your friends grow from being a childish freshmen to a professional individual.
  11. With all these life changing experiences you realize that these friends are not only until your college graduation but for a lifetime. You know them deep down. They know you well. You need them. They need you. Forever is real.
ICT Congress with them

ICT Congress with them

We finally made it.

We finally made it.

Through thick and thin, my college barkada were my best friends and enemies all at once. And after years and years of a roller coaster ride in college, finally I made it to the end of the ride with my pals. SQUAD GOAL # 1 ACHIEVED. But wait there’s more to come..

At Hermit's Cove, Aloguinsan. 3 months after graduation.

At Hermit’s Cove, Aloguinsan. 3 months after graduation.


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