Paid a visit to the miraculous Lady of Simala

I went 67 kilometers far from home to send my petition to our Lady of Simala (Birhen sa Simala). It was my first time to visit this Castle-like church in the Southern part of Cebu and I felt so blessed to have visited it. Its enchanting building structure reminds me of Disney princesses and fairy tales. But despite that, visitors are requested to observe proper decorum at all times to pay respect to those who are praying. Before going inside, visitors are required to take off their footwear. Inside, you can see the history of the place and the church, statues of the Virgin Mary in different forms, significant garments of the Virgin Mary, etc. There are also rosaries, bracelets, prayer booklets available for sale. However, I don’t know the price range for these items.

Here are some pictures I took from my mobile phone:

This photo was taken outside the shrine. From here you can have a good view of the place. A great spot for taking pictures too.

I took this picture from the stairs leading towards the front side of the shrine. There are supposedly two stairs leading up but the other one is closed.

You can see an unfinished portion of the shrine.

If you wish to go there, there are v-hires available in the Southbus Terminal which will take you directly to the shrine. If you want a lesser fare, you can take a bus to Sibonga but you have to take another ride from the bus stop to the shrine.

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