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Siargao Travel Guide: How we spent 7000 PESOS in Siargao for...

Yes, a trip to Siargao can hurt your wallet but depending on your strategy you can surely find a way to fit everything in your budget. If you are looking for a travel itinerary to Siargao, this article is a good read for you.
Popular Virgin Island sign

Cheap and spontaneous weekend escape to Bantayan Island- only P3,300/ pax

Planning for a chill escapade on a long weekend? The white sand beaches of Bantayan Island is the perfect remedy for a jam-packed week. Whether it's the holiday season or not, you can never go wrong with a quick visit to this island in the Northern part of Cebu.
Picture-perfect Burgas Beach

TOP 5 things to do in Bulgaria all year round

Can't decide which season is the perfect timing to visit Bulgaria? I understand the importance of deciding ahead of time because even though I'm the queen of misadventures, I'm afraid I'll never gracefully master how do we deal with failed OOTDs, failed itinerary and a failed expectation. Emphasis on the last part, I'm sure nobody wants to deal with that... ever. So if you fancy going to Bulgaria but still can't make up a fixed plan, here's a guide that might help you get around this beautiful country in the Balkans-- even if you decide to book that last-minute flight.
Groningen street with bikes and stores

Discover Groningen, Netherlands: the vibrant student city of the North

Looking for opportunities to pursue your studies abroad? Whether you're fresh off the High school vibes or you're looking forward to continuing a Master's degree, Groningen is one of the top student cities in Europe.
Manila Airport Terminal 3 Arrival Area

Traveling with a hand carry: Is it the right choice?

I still haven't met a person who refuses any chance he gets to save money while traveling. This includes cutting one portion of your budget to make something that you want the most happen. For me, it was choosing to travel with less stuff as possible to save money for tickets to Italy and Germany. For others, it might be similar or something greater but whatever the reason is there's always one important question that we should ask ourselves before we commit to this "almost" life-changing decision. (Yes! Because traveling is life so don't judge my choice of words. HAHA!) Is traveling with a hand-carry the right choice? Is it for everyone?
Keukenhof Castle front yard

Visit Kasteel Keukenhof and the secret garden in Lisse

Did Keukenhof ring a bell? Pretty sure you're thinking of the vast tulip field in Lisse which only opens during the Spring season but it's not what this post is all about. Unfortunately, I was too late to catch this flower show during my visit last August. This, however, did not stop me and my boyfriend to travel all the way to Lisse to see what remains of this spectacular garden which eventually led us to a different secret garden in the heart of Kasteel Keukenhof.
American car Arizona

5 ways to get off the beaten track in the USA

For many people, a trip to somewhere in America just has to be on the bucket list! With so many states and territories to explore, you could spend months in the USA and still not have seen it all. There are some must-see tourist destinations if you’re planning on visiting America, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, and even Disney World in Orlando. However, if you want to get off the beaten track in the USA then here are some ways to do just that!
Lost in Hong Kong

What I learned from getting lost in Hong Kong on a...

12 hours seems so short for all of them yet, I had all the time to get lost. What a day! In the end, I was able to do only less than half of my plans. As I came to reflect on this trip, I can’t help but to ask myself, “Did I really waste my time this time?”. To wrap everything up, here are the things that I learned from getting lost in Hong Kong on a 12-hour layover.
Hong Kong attractions and buildings

My 12-hours layover to sight-see Hong Kong attractions failed

Layovers can be boring or exciting. It depends on how you make the most out of it but most of the times, it surely depends if the Passport Control officers allow you to pass the gate without sacrificing a chicken to the travel gods. HAHA! My trip to Bulgaria was surely a long one and with the 12 hours layover in Hong Kong, it seems like forever! But all thanks to the visa-free policy, I had the chance to sight-see these Hong Kong attractions... or not.
unique souvenir all over the world

Here’s your GUIDE to find UNIQUE souvenirs around the world

Photos help keep good memories but let's just admit it... we always find something to take home at the end of our trips. Aside from chocolates, keychains, fridge magnets, and coasters are the most popular souvenirs to bring home to our friends and family that most of us now have a mountain of piled keychains or a wall of fridge magnets at home. So to give you an idea for your next travel goal, I compiled unique souvenirs that you can find when traveling around the world.
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